Are you hearing this?

People ask me if I'm an artist ... like the classical definition applies. Yes, muthafucka, my art is discovering the new sounds that will propel you into hyperspace .... nuff said!

no boats

Sweet Jesus ... what is this dopeness?!?!?!?

Ann Arbor SON! That's what I'm saying. I met a lot of good kat's from there last weekend at the Lakes of Fire regional burn.

Make Love on the Moon by Subvader

Again, props to Hot Bizzies for the drop.



Another drop .....

We don't acknowledge time here at Barrel~dEM so why should you? This next one is one of my favs from a few years back ~ a Dirty South remix of Kaskade ^ check it ~ Kaskade - Sorry (Dirty South Remix)


Emynd is the muthafuckin man ... wanna test, check this ~ Bonjour - Hi Bounce ~ Emynd remix .  This one is on regular rotation at the Noble camp ... ya heard!

Going back to the golden age of electro......

Vitalic is known for their pure sound. La Rock 01 is no exception. Simple build to a driving bass-line that won't quit. This track is a must when you need to get the dance back into your mix ..... the French must be doing something right!!!!!

Electro .. Progressive House ... whatever! :: Chris Lake - Violins

Violins is the newest drop by Chris Lake. If this doesn't get the party stomping I don't know what will. Check out Chris' work and links @ http://flavors.me/djchrislake

No Boats


MaddJazz - N2 The Music ... what a classic sound!

Came across this one recently, care of MaddJazz on Chicago's own Ghetto Division label. You can hear more from MaddJazz on soundcloud ~ http://soundcloud.com/maddjazz. Follow MaddJazz on Facebook or pick up his album Mind Of A MaddMan on Beatport.