Ahoy Ahoy

So, blathering about music with Mr. Boats the other night at the aforementioned Hive party, Noble invited me to contribute here. As a wayward DJ who has gotten back on (off?) the wagon in the past year, I'm well chuffed about a lot of new, new to me, and newly rediscovered tracks. As far as EDM stuff that I would likely mix goes, I'm a house head who likes it from disco to deep to jack to tech (although not exactly "tech house" but more what I like to call "deep n weird"). But I like to hear stuff from all over the map. Might have a small dubstep prejudice, but I can dig it on occasion.

This here is some new (nu?) disco. I think I heard it on KCRW, which is fabulous eclectic streaming radio out of LA. NPR actually, but they've got an all music stream if you don't wanna hear the news too. Anyway, what gets me about this track is that it's a really solid groove, but then they come in with this acid twerk at about the 2:00 mark that just makes me do a duck face. Acid disco. Is that a genre? I love it.

PS the name's Andy, but you can call me Captain. Or Abe. Or whatever. Long as you call me.


  1. I am really digging this track!!!!!

  2. captain andyabe: i gotta heart on. reminds me of bag raiders a lot. thanks!!