I love Chicago summertime parties!!!!!!

So last night I played a gig at my friend's artist collective grand opening ~ The Hive - 1902 N Milwaukee ... and like all good parties, this one got a little chaotic. If this party is any indication of what the Hive will be then they are on the right track. I played an early, short set, not my best but later I was trying to play some disco for my boy Andy. Here you go brother, my favorite nu-disco song in the world ... Villa - Anita

Villa - Anita

Here's another favorite for the love ....


  1. Whoa,I missed a disco set?! Teleportation TODAY!!

  2. Nice! #2 is some classic shiz. #1 is new to me, happy to have the MP3! I'll be postin some shit up here later today. First I gotta run 13 miles. I think Friday's shenanigans may put a hurt on that, but it was worth it!