DJ Sparx - "Obliverated"

The rave scene in Cleveland was vibrant and active in the 90s, with DJs like Mike Filly, Rob Sherwood, and Dan Curtain. Some amazing parties happened in that town, including the first ever 420 party, thrown by Spawntaneous Productions. I was lucky enough to attend.

Among the DJs in Spawntaneous' roster was Mike Sparks aka DJ Sparx, who I befriended for a time when I lived there. I was given one of his mixes on cassette, which thankfully is still in my possession, albeit a bit worse for wear. I was able to convert it to MP3, though I had to use some scotch tape.

Please enjoy Mike's mix in its crunchy, old school glory:

(right click to download, click to play in a new window)



  1. OMG ... Are you fucking kidding me? I was at the first 420 party in Cleveland! The pre-party was in a hotel. The party itself in an abondoned several story warehouse which was completely open inside. Dubtribe Sound System played and Dieselboy closed out the afterhours. That party ... perhaps due to lots of acid ingested, changed my life!

  2. I went back to look at my rave flyers and it looks like I'm thinking of the 2nd year in 1997. Still, a pretty cool co-incedence!

  3. yeah 1996 was the first year....so awesome. Derrick May, Stacie Pullen, John Acquviva, Dubtribe..

  4. Thanks for the shout-out and the mix posted!

  5. Mike is an amazing DJ and an amazing artist and a truly awesome friend.