Not as bad as herpes

I guess I kinda knew it would happen eventually. I mean getting down and dirty so often and with so many others... and yes, I'll admit it, even by myself sometimes. Sharing sick grooves and raunchy rhythms with reckless abandon with numerous strangers, friends, now more than friends.. it couldn't be helped really. It was only a matter of time before I became infected. No not herpes, but maybe something just as annoying; the need to tell others what to listen to. Well, I was invited to this infection so I guess that's a good thing.

Hi, I'm Miriam and I regularly blog on emerging social and economic structures in the American Midwest at www.miriaminthemidwest.com. I met Noble a couple of months ago and have been regularly loving new music finds from this blog and bombarding him with silly suggestions for adult contemporary radio station dance floor grooves ever since. Now you've gotten in on this action whether you like it or not. I don't know much about music genres, i just know what I like. I'm super happy to receive comments and suggestions to help me learn. My music taste is vast and varied but mostly centers around tunes that make me groove, pop princess melodies and Australian pop/folk/roots/dance music.

Ok so enough words from me....

Here is an infectious minimal techno/dub/?? tune featuring vocals from my dear friend, Angela.
Heart On A Satellite by heelsup69

I went to the Sade concert and was blown away by this.

And I recently remembered how much me and my girls loved jamming to this on our way to raves in 1998.

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