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Intergalactic COMMUNION 2.3 - Harmonic Convergence
Tonight! Friday Aug 5, 8 pm

"Humans are genetically connected with life on Earth, chemically connected with life on other star systems and atomically connected with all matter in the universe." -- Neil deGrasse Tyson... 93 % of the molecules in our bodies were created in the smoldering souls of stars the other 7 % is hydrogen created in the big bang.. Here at Cleverpillar we would like to recognize and focus on on our collective universal heritage by celebrating Intergalactic COMMUNION 2.3 - Harmonic Convergence.... As always the U.S.S. Cleverpillar crew have toiled tirelessly to insure the finest and most inspiring of interstellar journeys. Presented by Cleverpillar in association with Edible Alchemy...Blastoff shall commenence in t minus ten..nine..eight

<<Sonic Command Crew>>

*JohnCatt - Laser Guided Techno

*JEEKOOS - Exploring new dub frontiers
-Dub Front Records, Part Time Suckers

*Brenda D. - Deep Space House
-Soul Foundation

*Duke Shin - Givin her all she's got captain
-Bad Advice Records

*Puffs Baggswelle - Pow...Straight to the moon
-Ruff Music, Cleverpillar

*D.J. Hi - Q - Reaching the Outer Limits
-Silent Cooperative

* D.J. Oracle - Interdimensional Drum and Bass

*Noble Long - atom spltting electro
-Solarium Deluna

))Universally Flowing Peformances((

*Shannara Bathory Fusion

*Sarastar - Belly Dancing

*Sylar Brodie - Poi Spinnig

*Kitty Reval Nielson Hyde esq. the third - Poi Spinning

*Andrea & Dietrich - Flag Performance
-Edible Alchemy

()()Multidimensional Guidance System Operators()()

*Dan Hyde - Thai massage, traditional chinese medicine, Kung Fu

*John Sacelli ANGELYNX card readings

*Sarah Lombardi - Opening Hatha Yoga Session

*Jen Vivian - Massage therapy

^^extraterrestrial body painting by Amy J.

@@Photography by BrilliantlyMad & Ordinary Anomoly

+++++++++++++++ WELCOME HOME ++++++++++++++++++

COMMUNION is a concept that fosters radical inclusion, community participation and free expression… When we commune we are limited only by what we can imagine. Lets come together on FRIDAY AUGUST 5th, 2011 To let loose and inspire each other to broaden our horizons.

Location and Directions to COMMUNION will be given out the day of event only to those who RSVP!!!!!!! The event will be in a safe centrally located Chicago neighborhood close to expressway and the el.

COMMUNION is brought to you by CLEVERPILLAR and is supported by BrilliantlyMad, Soul Foundation, Ruff Music, Ringing Ear Records and Royal Flesh Tattoo

this and all CLEVERPILLAR events are 21 +

~~~~~~~~~~~~~SEEYA THERE ANGELS O;)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


DIRTY 30!! (Amourena's Re-Birthday Celebration!) 
Sunday Aug 7, 10 pm @ Exit
1315 North Ave
Chicago IL

Details: Not DJing but it's my birthday

Celebrate this beautiful year of growth and rebirth with Amourena Tsokatos and the Shot Down in Flames crew! We are also celebrating the birth of Noble Long, Amy Joiner, La Pebbles, and Shaman Jay!!!!


and yes, this is the DIRTY 30!!!! SO LOOK OUT!!!

If you've EVER been to one of our BDay events then you KNOW wtf is up!!

Lets make this one another unforgettable night of GOOD VIBES, Friends, Fire, Drinks and Dancing!!





This shizz is gonna be OFF DA CHAIN!!


Saturday Aug 13, 10 pm @ Secret Location on the North Side

It's taken months to find the perfect spot for us to get down, underground, and do the Safety Dance, and we've got it! Come party 'til the break of dawn in an intimate but large loft that you may have seen in the movies or at a deeply underground afterparty. We're going to transform the space for your dancing, creating, and socializing enjoyment for one night.

Move your feet to the sounds of:
Duke Shin - Bad Advice, Inc.
Marcin Albekier - Freakeasy
Magpie - p.e.t.
Puffs Baggswelle - Cleverpillar
DJ Ryan - Safety Third Productions
Noble - Barrel Dem
Los Hamburgler - Cleverpillar

Feast your eyes on creative work by:
The KnockOut Photo Booth with Ordinary Anomaly
Gordon Kummel
Ellie Sorokin
Elysia Lock
Amy J Designs
...more TBA

Space is limited for this private, invitation-only event. It's $10 in advance, and $15 at the door (if there is room). Advance RSVPs are strongly encouraged, and the only way you can ensure your spot is by donating in advance. You can reserve your spot using WePay:https://www.wepay.com/dona​te/safety_dance.

The northside location will be sent to all those who RSVP. It's very convenient to public transportation and cabs. It's street parking in a busy neighborhood, so carpooling is great if you have to drive.

This is a new space and cooperation with the owners and the community is key to protecting us all. Please come and go quietly, dispose of your trash properly, and do not hang around outside of the venue. Protect the community we all love and are always building.

See you there, suckahs!


Friday Aug 19, 9 pm - 3 am @ Temple Synphoria
RSVP required - http://www.ilovetosyn.com

SYNPHORIA at Temple Synphorium!! Friday August 19th

Your conscious community celebration of light, love, acceptance, and creativity!!
Creativity without judgment, Spirituality without religion, Manifesting Conscious Community ...Here and Now!

2 Dance floors! Trippy performance art! Drumming! Tarot! (mostly) Veggie food! Live music! Heart-lifing intentions!! AMAZING beautiful people!!!

Official invite wording at http://www.ILoveToSyn.com/
Energy exchange: $15 suggested donation per person,
$10 if you arrive after 1:00 am
(NOTE: Saturday's sugggested donation = $20)

Doors open 9:00 pm,
Intentions start at 10ish pm (Rabbit hole ~~ 10:30 pm)
Energy elevation 11ish :)

Performance highlights so far (updated daily)
• Doors open 9 pm, free form drum jam starts 9 pm in Zen Den
• "REBIRTH" Fan Dance by Amourena Tsokatos (her Synful debut!)
• CCM performs "5th Element" +"OmManePadmeHum" +"Awaken" by The Collective Consciousness Movement (CCM)
• Synner Blessing Those Attending Burning Man [Bring/wear one of your BM outfits (that's not overly revealing, thanks!)]
• The "Unveiling" of ???
• Gallery art by Lera Gershevich
• DJ Noble in Eden!
• LIVING Garden of Eden

• DJ Prestonanda Klik in Onederland (be moved by music)
• Fungus Humongous!!! Art Installation by Yva Neal in Zen Den!
• Tumble down The Rabbit Hole (go a little deeper)
• Garden of Eden (groovin' dance floor)
• White Glove Dance! (reach up w/your glowing hands!)
• Emily's Chillout Room (get your chill on)
• Lots of ice cold lemon-lime water and iced electrolyte! (chill chill)
• 2am Breakfast!! French toast and scrambled eggs!! (YUM!)

We're actively working on this amazing event now. Check back for updates!

[Rsvps accepted via facebook until 5:00 pm on Fri 8/19
Rsvps accepted via phone/ text to 773-841-1824
After 5 pm on 8/19, call or text your rsvp to Emily]

(NOTE : Synphoria is NOT a public party, it is held in our home, not a public venue. If you "drop in" without rsvping in advance, you will be turned away at the door. Please don't put either of us in that position... and rsvp. Thanks :))

With all due respect, and no offense meant, we are very protective of the energy of our celebration, our space, our home, our community.

We implement these guidelines:
Gratitude, appreciation, compassion, celebration.
Expanding consciousness, connecting hearts.
Ask first, Protect the community, Leave no trace.

No "meat-market"/sexual energy, no political energy.
No beer, no hard liquor, no hard substances, no exceptions
**no alcohol is served** :)

ROAR (Right of Admission Refusal) in effect. We reserve the right of admission refusal for any reason, including overintoxication, exhibiting too much sexual energy, aggressiveness, or if we are not comfortable with you in our home. This is in place for the protection of our home, and our community. Thank you for understanding. :)

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