I'M FREAKIN :: Dan Deacon is coming to the Chi!

So Dan Deacon is playing at the Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusement festival in Eckhart Park in Chicago (Chicago Ave and Noble St) on Sunday Sept 17, with Shellac, A Lull and Fool's Gold. To be honest, I've never heard of these other bands but I'm willing to give them a shot. I always enjoy checking out new music.

Deacon has been working on a new album and live show since his last "Spiderman of the Rings" album. Apparently the instrumentation on "Bromst" is a mixture of acoustic instruments, mechanical instruments, samples and electronics, rather than mainly electronic as his last album was.

The last two times I saw Dan Deacon, were a spiritual experience for me. His ability to pull in and interact with the crowd is amazing. If you experience his show and it doesn't move you, then your soul is dead. Yeah, I said it.

You can find more information on the festival here -
Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusement

Tickets are $20 ... limited amount at the door
Doors open at 5 PM

Dan Deacon - Wham City

Dan Deacon dance off - Bumbershoot 2008

Dan Deacon on NBC morning

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