Houz Mon - Fear Of The World (Paul Anthony Remix) // Chicken Fried Disco

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  1. What words can describe the one and only "HOUZ'MON"? Pioneer? Party Rocker? Ghetto Houz Icon? Lets start at the beginning, HOUZ'MON grew up on the West Side of Chicago where he was exposed at an early age to Chicago, New York & Detroit dance music. Developing from his early influences he started DJing out when he was just a teenager around 1981 at house parties, school dances, and neighborhood clubs; selling mix tapes in the hood at that time wbmx and wgci was tha radio station to listen the great pioneer's like , Farley Jack Master Funk; basically all the original dance pioneers and there's to many to name. Dance Music was also a big influence on HOUZMON and with his early DJ sets he helped push House Music into the chicago club scene when it's wasn't yet popular or mainstream. Mixing House, Techno HOUZMON pioneered the style which we all know now "Ghetto Houz" wit help from Jammin Gerlad and Dj funk the style original came from a club call "THE FACTORY NITE CLUB" ON THE WEST SIDE OF CHICAGO... that sound and this sense of crossing boundaries has made his music so appealing and enduring to many people across different musical scenes. DJing professional for over three decades has produced anthem after anthem like "ACIDS WARP" "FEAR THE WORLD" Dance Music for his very own record company BEAT BOY RECORDS,HARD WEST ENT,AND HIS NEW LABEL ORCHID RECORDS. Plus, houzmon remix resumé reads like the who's who of dance music: Jammin Gerlad, DJ Sneak, Fast Eddie, Dj Funk many other's. HOUZMON has played all over the world in high profile clubs in Chicago, St Louis, Denver,Wisconsin, Paris, London, Germany, Scotland, japan, Amsterdam many other's places too! HOUZ'MON Sharing the stage along the way wit DJ Funk, Len Faki,Be-trash family, Paul johnson, Fast Eddie, Jammin Gerlad,Lil Louis,Armando,Jesse saunders,Robert armani,Rick lenoir,Gant man and many other's. Even done so many Dance Music Documentary " The history of house music" by The legend him self Mr. Rocky Jones of Dj International records. The movie has all of the greatest Dance Producers and DJ's in the World!! coming out soon. His biggest selling release to date is "Fear the World a Anthems" which has sold over hundreds of thousand copies all over the world and still this day many artist are still remixing his classic today. Now Houzmon is ready too start a whole new agenda style of music. a whole new generations of fans are finding out about what HOUZMON is all about. He's ready to put "Ghetto Houz" music back on the map with his new record HOUZ'MON EP www.gramaphonerecords.com for orders. As the sole figurehead of the entire musical genre called "Ghetto Houz" and one of Dance Mania Artist. This man is truly a underground dance music legend.