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This is my girl Robbi representing Chi-town. You are gonna like what you hear. Here's her bio -

The petite East-Indian musician began writing songs as early as eight years old. Robbi's first performance was in a Mosque at the age of fifteen, when she recited an Islamic themed rap song. Her popularity in the asian-american community grew after winning the international YellowFist Asian writing competition (with over 10,000 entries) and being featured on the cover of Ivy League university magazine A.A RockZine!. Winning numerous rap battle competitions sponsored by educational organizations such as the Anti-Truth campaign, and ending each of her solo concerts by "freestyling" with the audience, Robbi gained tremendous respect from the underground hip-hop scene. Apart from exclusive concerts or battle competitions, Robbi has also performed for fashion show events such as Hollywood's Celebrity Fashion Designer Danielle Kelly (www.dk75raw.com). One of her most memorable performances was held with global hip-hop luminary KRS-One, who commended Robbi on her vision.

Robbi's songs have been featured on many of the world's top urban radio stations such as Chicago's WGCI 107.5 FM, along with much support from top college radio stations such as WHPK 88.3 FM and WNUR 89.3 FM. She has also starred in the documentary film"That Asian Thing" (www.thatasianthing.net) along with a soundtrack single for "Leg Before Wicket" (www.legbeforewicket.org), set to be screened across international film festivals. Aside from movies, Robbi is also familiar with the television world, as she has been appeared on the VH-1 Show "Miss Rap Supreme" in early April of 2007. Internationally speaking, she has been interviewed on Bollywoods Cable Television News Channel, "TV 9". Her first state-wide television appearance was on WFBT's "Masti Chicago" and "Desi Tunes" along with a LA/NY appearance on "Hot Wax Chicago" which broadcasted in March of 2007. She has also performed on several syndicated talk shows such as The Flabby Hoffman Show and The Chicago Rock Show. Robbi's LP "Speak" is now available on itunes featuring her hit single, "Suffocation". Her club single, "Get Ready" has charted #14 on the Lets Dance/IRS Music Pool TOP 50 Urban Chart.

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