Style Of Eye is super!

Thanks to No Boasts I remembered how great Style Of Eye is!
This song is best enjoyed loud.
Style Of Eye - Fick

Daily Mail

Radiohead released a couple of new songs recently. Their last full length King of Limbs didn't really knock my socks off. But this Daily Mail really feels like a return to the form of Hail to the Thief. Now go make me a whole new album in this vein, guys! The other new track (Staircase) is worth a listen too.

New Order - Blue Monday ( Behind the Wheel Remix ) by Dominatrix Rmx

New Order Blue Monday ( Behind the Wheel Remix ) by Dominatrix Rmx

No Boats



Last night I went to the Nash (grungypunkglamhipsterbarbanddancescenewstickyfloors) for the 4th

annual Boxing Day Slam - 31 bands and djs to help G-towners forget the family feuds and flamboyant festivities of the day before (and that they probably (tried to?!) make out with their cousin). Anyway here's the thing - this is a gathering of fucking rad djs that are pretty well unappreciated outside of the eclectic and enthusiastic aforementioned scene, though likely the next Yacht Club Djs.

So here's some mad promo for the Geelong/Geetroit/G-Town electronic music scene...

(i wanna sit on the) KIDS TABLE
Check out Kids Table's scoundcloud Latest tracks by Kid's Table

and blog, Going Tropical ... not unlike this collaborative effort, but focused on our beloved city by the sea.

SCHMIKEY ('s the shit)
Ohmygodshitgoddamnshitfuck I forgot how much I love the sounds this guy makes. Thank God I came to my schmenses (the hungover mind thinks some things are funny and doesn't give a shit if they really are or not).
Latest tracks by SCHMIKEY

this is so so hot. cannot say anything more. other than download deathfuck here!
Latest tracks by Kaysh // Ok Sure

I love what these guys do, playing their own distinct genre of electro: FISHY
Latest tracks by 1 Fish, Two Fish

Is this referring to protective eyewear for very young people or does this mean you see babies everywhere?? Anyway I never heard these guys before last night but I lovedloveloved their set.
Latest tracks by BabyGoggles

TRAMPOLINE (makes me bouncebouncebounce)
It's seriously ridiculous that we have this much hotttalent in this conservative coastal town... Trampoline makes the beats that make bitches dance
Latest tracks by Trampoline.

(nigga please) DIGGA PLEASE
Damn, this brother has shit handled. Check out his hot'n'heavy mixes
Latest tracks by Digga-Please

***FULL METAL CARDIGAN makes parties that literally make punters rub their nipples on these lucky djs midset and then do chest presses on the dance floor. Unfortunately they don't make soundcloud sites or frequent facebook posts.


Raconte-Moi Une Histoire

M83 - Raconte-Moi Une Histoire from Jw on Vimeo.

I think Noble may have mentioned it already, but this new M83 album is fabulous. Also, I'm pretty sure this charming tale told by a child is about DMT.


FIRST HOUSE TRACK ON VINYL :: Jessie Saunders - On and On

No Boats

Frankie Knuckles feat Jamie Principle - Your Love ( 1989 )

No Boats


No Boats

THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL :: Dajae - Is It All Over My Face

No Boats

Pump Up The Volume pt. 1 - House Music Documentary

No Boats

AN EXCLOOSIVE :: A-Trak & Zinc - Stingray + A BONUS

Still on that A-Trak tip from Cheezy's post ... here's an exclusive from A-Trak and Zinc

plus a bonus tune ... A-Trak - Trizzy Turnt Up

No Boats

Dirt Off Your Android

Gotta admit, I'm not really a fan of Jay-Z. But this shit gets me brushin my shoulders. Doesn't hurt that I'm a Radiohead FANATIC.

I'd like to hear this at 6am

Love, Cheezy

BFX005: Summer Showcase Mix

BFX005: Summer Showcase MixTape by BreakfastExclusive.com

Download the entire mix at http://breakfastexclusive.com/a_bfx/a_downloads/Breakfast_Exclusive_Summer_Showcase_MixTape_www.breakfastexclusive.com.zip

No Boats


Ever kick a dead horse?

I do, daily. So, in the spirit I decided to pop out of the barrel and add another set of siblings to the "Related Musicians Who Are Awesome" list.
The Malkovich Brothers
A-trak & Dave1
This is a track from Duck Sauce (A-trak & Armand Van Helden) called Big Bad Wolf. The video is pretty hilarious/creepy. You'll love it.

Chromeo (Dave1 & P-Thugg) is for fun people who have a good sense of humor and love disco. Gold mic, talk box, lo-fi, and white.

Last but definitely not least, a 15 year old A-Trak being nothing short of spectacular at the 1997 DMC World Championship. Cute and badass, kinda like fellow Canadian, Bieber. ;)

thoughts of the day provided by, The Cheez!


Work Your Mind AND Booty

Learning is good for your stuff and stuff.

see the HistoryTeacher's channel for all 53 videos

NYE Tunes Channel for all 102 vidz....

seriously one of my favorite songs ever.

MyHarto's channel for all 16 vids)

Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah!

My dad gave me his old ipod before I left the states. It's bigger than my entire music collection so I left most of his music on there. Well, we have really really similar musical tastes, so that was part of the reason too. This came on shuffle last night and made me have a kitchen dancing session with myself.


Paris Fried Chicken

Got a fun mix of oldies and newies stacking up for the Santa Kong after party at Quenchers tomorrow night. Thisn's a hot newie. Things should run there from about 11:30-3. Me, Noble, and Pat Hilander.

FRIDAY 7:30 AM MUSIC :: Masomenos - Juhuu (Original Mix)


INCREDIBLE :: Erkka - Dangerous Midsummer

From our pals at French Express!

Erkka - Dangerous Midsummer by Erkka

DISCO AMADEUS :: Walter Murphy - A Fifth Of Beethoven (Soulwax remix)



Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (Siavash Knew Somebody Remix)

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (Siavash Knew Somebody Remix) by DJ Siavash


ON THE REMIX TIP!!!!! ::Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Extended House-Dance Remix)

WIDE EYED OPEN HEART :: Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

Enjoy it


MY FAVORITE JAMES SONG :: James - Ring The Bells

No Boats

Bloody Beetroots ft Ccile - Have Mercy on us

No Boats

Dj Sprinkles - Grand Central, Pt I (Deep Into The Bowel Of House) (Mcde Bassline Dub)

No Boats

WHAT DO YOU SEE :: Underworld - Peggy Sussed (Sunshine Version)

No Boats

Nepotism, not such a bad thing.

by: Cheezy
So I got to thinking this afternoon about Nepotism and Hollywood. You either end up with the 'Nicole Richie's' of the world, knowing fully and completely that their celebrity depends on the celebrity of another, talented person. Or you can end up with Rashida Jones, a talented, articulate, beautiful, young actress whom I was surprised to find out is the daughter of *gasp* Quincy Jones!? I guess, I always thought it was a little weird a Puerto Rican chick with no accent was named Rashida Jones in the first place. Anyway, who cares about Hollywood, let's talk music.
Sometimes when you get just the perfect balance things fall effortlessly into place. The artists featured can and do have successful careers on their own, but, it's their partnership and influence that makes them that extra bit special. Maybe the comfort of being with someone who loves you unconditionally contributes to the freedom of the creative process? Maybe it's because their stories are born from the same place? Either way, I'm glad they grew up together.

The Martinez Brothers
I mean seriously, how cute can you f*ing get? I saw these guys at DEMF in 2010 and, boy oh boy. If this is what the underage kids have to offer, we old folks are in trouble. In the next year or so we can expect these DJ's to turn into some talented Producers.

The Martinez Brothers - Broke In The Bx (Original Mix)

The Martinez Brothers - Live at DEMF 2010
I can't tell you how relieved I was not to find myself dancing around in the background with a Bud Light Lime!

Pete Rock & Grap Luva
This whole thought process got started because my boy posted an article with Grap Luva, little bro of one of The Greatest Producers of All Time..... Pete Rock! In the article, Grap Luva recalls listening to his Pop's old Grand Master Flash records. I mean, who wouldn't be a badass?

Pete Rock feat. Grap Luva - Collector's Item

Pete Rock - A Little Soul

Grap Luva - Touch The Sky

The Q Brothers
The Retar Crew
The Q Bros have many tricks up their sleeves but one of my favorite projects of their's is a Hip hop group they're in with their just as awesome buddies. These boys hold a special place in my heart. Funny, smart, good looking....... most of all BOLD. They are able to takes us along on a joke about them/ourselves without ever making us feel bad. Actually, just the opposite.

The Retar Crew - "ninja-ology"

No Homo

Daddy issues

Kim & Kelley Deal
The Breeders
Although short lived, this band was, and still is the shit. They had 3 good years in the 90's and even though I happened to like their 2008 release Mountain Battles it didn't seem to pick up much, if any, momentum. Either way a kick ass twin pairing that I'm pretty sure knits their own socks.

The Breeders - Bang On

Breeders - Happiness is a Warm Gun

Breeders - Do You Love Me Now

posted by: The Cheez!


Incredible Bongo Band - Apache *Classic Break*

No Boats

Yoga Breakdancing

Nope No Boats

Meredith Music Fest Breakdown

I went to a music festival this weekend. Not just a music festival, but a Music Festival. 11.38pm Sunday night and my first Meredith is still unfolding. I worked a lot so I didn't 'see' much but I heard, oh I heard. And I fell in love...

From behind the fryer, I fell madlymadly in love with Explosions in the Sky.

Saturday afternoon, Joelistics dropped hot beats and got the crowd and my booty going...

Of course Cut/Copy was a highlight of Saturday night... but you don't need me to turn you on to them, do you?!

There was a rumour that YachtClubDJs were playing latelatelate Saturday, but I passed out with my top half on and my LED hula hoops on around me in my tent so I've no idea. But they're super rad.

Pure sex pysch rock by Matt Sonic and the High Times closed out the fest on Sunday afternoon... "Close your eyes, pretend like it's 10pm last night and you're on the good stuff". And I was.

Break Free Your Mind - Matt Sonic and the High Times by Headgap


Super Hero Dance Party

I'm back in Australia and working at my friend's pole studio. The Christmas party performance night is on Saturday and super-hero themed. This is what I've been hearing for the past two weeks...

But really this post is about the hot little number I'm doing an LED hula hoop routine too...I'm the villian attacking Flash of course.

Flash Funk (Queen/Daft Punk)(DG Remix) (DG RE-EDIT) by dolphingoat



araabMUZIK feat. DukeDaGod (DIPSET / USA) @ 1500M2 | Warsaw [HD]

No Boats

Ain't Gonna Take It No More!

I'm not actually mad as hell at all right now. Diggin through the virtuals, coming up with gooduns like this I had forgotten about. Come out and see me n Mr. Boats at Quenchers this weekend! Better yet, get on the Santa Kong bus that will end up back there 11ish.

Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta

n0 b04ts

FLAMING :: Sebadoh - On Fire

n0 b04+5

TO MY FRIENDS :: Jonas Rathsman - Tobago (Official Video)

No Boats

Sebadoh - Soul and Fire

nare a vessel

Nikk Skum - Junk Punch snippet

Junk Punch snippet by Nikk Skum

not even half a boat

The F*&%$D Jam

not even one boat

GOT THE ITCH - B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) D.J. Z-Trip - Tool & Outkast Mashup

n0 b04t5

MY EMPIRE OF DIRT :: Johnny Cash - Hurt

n0 b04t5

!!!!!!!! :: Frank Black - Los Angeles

n0 b04ts

BABY WHY DON'T WE :: Dinosaur Jr - The Wagon

No Boats


seriously after this song!

no boats


STRAIGHT HOUSE BANGER :: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden Mix)

No Boats

RAWWWWRRR :: Professor Green - Monster feat. Example (Camo & Krooked Remix)

No Boats

CANADA'S TREASURE :: Jokers Of The Scene “J0T5″ EP Preview

Jokers of the Scene "J0T5" EP Teaser by Jokers of the Scene

From Fools Gold Records:
Jokers Of The Scene aren’t the first Canadian astronauts. But their unpredictable path towards the outer reaches of dance music is without peer in the Fool’s Gold galaxy of artists. Four years ago, the duo reinvented cut up club tracks for a brand new generation of ravers on their FG debut “Y’all Know The Name,” and with each subsequent release, they would explore unexpected new directions. The ecstatic heaviness of “Baggy Bottom Boys” (an underground club staple turned surprise MTV soundtrack), gave way to the haunted house piano stomp of “Revolting Joks,” which set the stage for the dreamlike, cinematic pulse of “Joking Victim.” But it’s on their fifth original release, the numerically eponymous J0T5 EP, that the duo embark upon some truly inspired cosmic territory.

DJ Booth and Chameleonic entered their latest project with the express purpose of creating music that could be perfect for home listening and strobe-lit warehouses alike. The five tracks on J0T5 pulsate through ambient synth excursions, vintage sci-fi soundtracks, and experimental techno, somehow managing to connect the dots along the way. Are the seven minutes of hypnotic riffs on “Black Mountie” the missing link between prog rock and prog house? Is “Organized Zounds” what moon gravity does to Coldcut and Plastikman records? Was “Killing Jokes II” secretly recorded by Vangelis on a pill bender during the Blade Runner sessions? Whatever you might hear bouncing around its individual elements, J0T5 is no retro exercise or mere collection of references; Booth and Chameleonic have paid loving tribute to their record collections while managing to sound unlike anyone but themselves.

No Boats

NORWEGIAN CHILL :: Frost - Klong

No Boats

WISHFUL THNKING :: Jane's Addiction - Summertime Rolls

No Boats


all my house are belong to you


A new mix, from me to you. Please enjoy some of my favorite housey tracks. Click on the image to listen, right click to download. Cheers!

~switch killa


December 1st - 16th :: No Boat's / Barrel~dEM, True Family Unit and Friend's Events

Tonite - Its Krystle Lynn's 22nd Birthday!

There will be Drinks and I will be making a few fancy food dishes!
- I would love it EVERYONE brought something so that its a large potluck!
- and BYOB !

Music and entertainment is in the works!! ( I promise it will be AMAZING)
- DJS thus far: NOBLE!! , JEEKOOS!! and WESTON!!
- Bring an instrument so we can have a drum circle kinda thing =]

This is a private event ... close friend's only, so hit me up if you want
to come 331-425-9724



"Not All Thieves Come To Do Harm" at The Living Room/

All shows at 8pm - running time 50 minutes

Friday 12.02
Saturday 12.03
Friday 12.09
Saturday 12.10


HayCat Theatre Co, in association with The Living Room, presents a new adaptation of a new translation of an old play by the one and only Dario Fo®

Jack Romano Gallagher
Danielle Jeffri Loumena
Nicholas Anthony Hart
Kaitlin Meredith Larson
Kathryn Elisa Acosta
McCarry Andrew Reynolds
Ian William Bratschie

Directed and Translated by Nivan Yahaghi
Stage Managed by Briget Diehl
Assistant Directed by Catherine Ahiers
Adapted by Everyone Involved

I witnessed this performance last Saturday and was blown away ... so much energy and entertainment, you can't go wrong. Look for a Barrel~dEM exclusive piece on this one this weekend.



Burning Man Chicago's Annual Fall PowWow

Catalyst Collective
Sunday, December 4th
1:00 P.M.
3800 Block of W. North Street

Please email info@BoldUrban.org or chicago@burningman.com to RSVP and
receive location details.

Burning Man Chicago's annual Fall PowWow is right around the corner!
On Sunday, December 4th, at 1:00, your friendly community of Chicago
burners will be meeting to discuss community events, community
initiatives, volunteer appreciation, and how to further build our
collective consciousness as Chicago burners. This is your chance to
help set the agenda for Burning Man Chicago. Make your concerns known
to B.U.R.N. leadership . . . BECOME B.U.R.N. leadership!

All are welcome for this "down-to-business" event, which will also
prove somewhat social before it's over.

As Catalyst is a private home, the address will not be available on-line, but rest assured that you will be able to find the location details easily by RSVPing to chicago@burningman.com, or by hitting up Burn Nfp on Facebook.

Please come out and help your community shape its future destiny!

B.U.R.N. Steering Committee


Shot Down In Flames!!!! --The Saga Continues!--

Sunday Dec 4
Time 10:00pm until 4:00am
1315 W. North Ave

Shot Down In Flames returns to thrill you with the best fire acts in Chicago!!!


Performances by your favorite SDIF performers with Ammu Nition, Michael Robert Von Hausen, Colin Breen, and the newest member of our family of misfits Steve-O G!!!
Two shows!!! First set 12:30a second set 2:00am

Nikk Skum will be tearing it up on the decks with all the best industrial/metal/dubsteb around! With an open dance floor between fire sets!!!

The ever lovely and enticing Lacey Heissenbuttel will be serving you all your favorite poisons satisfying the demons within your stomachs!!! $3 PBR & $4 You call it!!!

And dont forget to grab your SDIF T-Shirts for $20!!! Cant wait for the shirt or wanna see it now? Go to www.dissorderclothing.com and get one!!! Otherwise they will be on sale at the show!!!


OFFICIAL AFTERPARTY for POISON THERAPY!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Poison-Therapy/123686347691774

Featuring late night dj's:
GUN LOVE (https://www.facebook.com/GUNLOVEMUSIC)
ORVILLE KLINE (https://www.facebook.com/orvillekline)

OPEN BAR wristbands for 11-2am for $30!!
$3 pbr talls
$4 well drinks


Pranksta Prom w/ Paul Johnson!

Friday, December 9, 2011
Time9:00pm until 2:00am

"Pranksta Prom" December 9th
At The House Cafe
263 E. Lincoln Hwy, Dekalb IL
Special Guest 'Paul Johnson'

17+ to enter
21+ to drink of course
Full scale sound and Lighting

Paul Johnson
Justin Nemesis

This is not a real prom but a prom for all the dancing people, the people that missed their own prom, the people that didn't like their prom, or any one that LOVES HOUSE MUSIC and Paul Johnson!
This is a prom themed party so prom attire is suggested but NOT necessary!
So grab your dancing shoes because House DJ's are playin all night long.

Afterhours lineup: Adonis Tfu, Brian Brovelli aka Turbotic, No Boats, Ben Gunplay Reyes aka Misteries, Lyrek & Lish Click. Location TBA 2am-?



Saturday, December 10, 2011
Time9:00pm until 6:00am
It's a big wet secret.........

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ AQUAMUNION: COMMUNION 2.4 }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Water itself is graceful and cool. It is able to adapt to any element and flow to any corner. It goes by the path of least resistance, letting the flow be the guide. Water is formless, shapeless, and tasteless. It is pure in its original form and life-giving. On December 10th 2011 Cleverpillar embarks on a journey 20,000 leagues into the unknown deep as we celebrate all things H2O. We will commune once again and sink into AQUAMUNION : COMMUNION 2.4. The U.S.S. Cleverpillar Crew has outdone itself this time with larger than life art installations, interactive water walls, even a liquid dance floor to groove on as we melt into the eternal waves of bassy bliss. Join us for the 16th installment of COMMUNION as we submerge into creativity and community. All passengers come aboard and batten down the hatches cause this ship is going DEEPER.... SEEYA THERE ANGELS 0;)....


* Hi-Q - liquified drum and bass
( Silent Cooperative )

* Magpie - beats that ebb, flow, and don't stop

* Good Evening - sunrise set to shake off the early morning dew

* Radiohiro - the dam breaks
( Hookahdome BRC, The Freakeasy )

* Los Hamburgler - juicy chicago house goodness
( Cleverpillar, Substance inc. )

* JEEKOOS - dub tsunami
(P.T.S. radio, Dubfront Records )

* Ry0t (Ryan Rorden) - expecting heavy bass showers
( Cleverpillar, Safety Third )

* Nate Manic X Duke Shin - tides are turning
--- special 2 hr. collab. session ---
( Bad Advice Records )

* Brian G. - into the deep... house
( Soul Foundation )

* Puffs Baggswelle - release the kraken
( Cleverpillar, DSTRKTKN KRW )


* Cheshire Reval - amazingness

* Dane Frost - glow poi

* Prabvi Gualoa - bellydance

* Jessica Mic Colangelo - parisol & disco pole

* Sylar Brodie - glow flow

* Shannara Bathory - Tribal Fusion


* Brandt Hart - U.V./Glow painting

* U.V. body painting by Amy J. Designs

* Tutu madness & party accessory creation by:
Marc Schaffer~n~Maribel Dwindle

* James Coats - Chille Ville pluckery

* X-labs Chicago - Inspiration from the deep


* Jon Sacelli - ANGELYNX readings

* Jen Vivian - Massage therapy

* Sarah Lombardi - Hatha yoga

* BrilliantlyMad - resource center

@@Photography by BrilliantlyMad & Ordinary Anomoly

++++++++++++++++++++ WELCOME HOME +++++++++++++++++++

COMMUNION is a concept that fosters radical inclusion, community participation and free expression… When we commune we are limited only by what we can imagine. Lets come together on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2011 To let loose and inspire each other to broaden our horizons.

Location and Directions to COMMUNION will be given out the day of event only to those who RSVP!!!!!!! The event will be in a safe centrally located Chicago neighborhood close to expressway and the el.

COMMUNION is brought to you by CLEVERPILLAR and is supported by BrilliantlyMad, Soul Foundation, Ruff Music

this and all CLEVERPILLAR events are 21 +

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SEEYA THERE ANGELS O;)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Synphoria 12/16/11

Friday, December 16, 2011
Time9:00pm until 3:00am
At Temple Synphorium (aka Preston and Emily's home), http://www.ILoveToSyn.com/ for address and info, Chicago, IL
December 16th SYNPHORIA at Temple Synphorium!!
Featuring our annual Synful holy-day tradition... TARA's STORY!!
A beautiful creation story, told by ornate life-size (Von Orthal) puppets, animated by SYNNERS!

Your conscious community celebration of light, love, acceptance, and creativity!!
2 Dance floors! Trippy performance art! Tarot! Food! Live music! Heart-lifing intentions!! AMAZING beautiful people!!!

Official invite wording at http://www.ILoveToSyn.com/

Doors open 9:00 pm, Free form Drum Jam starts at 9:00 pm.
Intentions start at 10ish pm (Rabbit hole ~~ 10:30 pm)
Energy elevation 11ish :)

Performance highlights so far (updated daily)
• Doors open 9 pm, free form drum jam starts 9 pm in Zen Den
• "TARA'S STORY" our annual holy-day creation-story puppet show Story and puppets manifested by Cynthia Von Orthal, directed by TBA, animated by SYNNERS!! http://www.vonorthalpuppets.com/
• "Presence vs Gifts" Synvocation by Preston Klik
• DJ Noble aka No Boats in Eden! http://barreldem.blogspot.com/
• DJ Prestonanda Klik in One-derland (be moved by music)
• Tumble down The Rabbit Hole (go a little deeper)
• Garden of Eden (groovin' dance floor)
• White Glove Dance! (reach up w/your glowing hands!)
• Emily's Chillout Room (get your chill on)
• 2am Breakfast!! French toast and scrambled eggs!! (YUM!)

[Rsvps accepted via facebook until 5:00 pm on Fri 12/16
Rsvps accepted via phone/ text to 773-841-1824]
Doors open 9:00 pm, drum circle starts 9:00 pm.
Intentions start around 10:00 pm.

(NOTE : Synphoria is NOT a public party, it is held in our home, not a public place. If you "drop in" without rsvping in advance, you will be turned away at the door. Please don't put either of us in that position... and rsvp. Thanks :))

With all due respect, and no offense meant, we are very protective of the energy of our celebration, our space, our home, our community.
To receive an official email invitation, email EmilyKlik @yahoo.com

We implement these guidelines:
Ask first, Protect the community, Leave no trace.

No "meat-market"/sexual energy, no political energy.
No beer, no hard liquor, no hard substances, no exceptions
**no alcohol is served** :)

ROAR (Right of Admission Refusal) in effect. We reserve the right of admission refusal for any reason, including overintoxication, exhibiting too much sexual energy, aggressiveness, or if we are not comfortable with you in our home. This is in place for the protection of our home, and our community. Thank you for understanding. :)

Official invite wording at http://www.ILoveToSyn.com/


Chocolate Funk with True Family Unit

Friday, December 16, 2011
Time10:00pm until 4:00am
Chicago northside info on date..
DEC 16TH 17 + EVENT 10p til .... after show for many things going on this night.

The thing i feel that most events these days are lacking is the vibe that comes from the music.party's are made up from, we have this light and this and that?the dates we pick mean something to us. there is a reason for it. we don't have to FUNNY CHARACTER pictures on our page to make the dj's look better then they really are! we're just that down home my town CHICAGO crew that plays chicago style music that's new and hot. feel good events. we never make you pay $20 to see guys playing on a laptop or that have been playing for only 2 years or less. we're not about ripping people off. but we would bring you some of the best dj's around the local chicago underground to beat it DJ style for you. people that are making their own music and have been for years. people it's about the music first and the love for it. DRUGS not needed!! i hear this from people all the time."hey i came to your event and danced my ass oFF and i was not on drugs" love to hear that!!
it's a friends and family events . events you wanna take your other friends to that you talk to weekdays, not just on the weekend. IT'S like that. a come together in the fall dancing in a loft with people you love.
the price is always right with the music you love..
DEC 16TH is national CHOCOLATE day.. everyone loves chocolate.
so why not do a nice event with art and music .
if you have art to show and sale please let us know and feel free to come do so.Jan,Feb,Mar are this months TFU do events.. look out for more to come.
come see what we're about .. love you peace..

phat sound
dope visuals
safe place.
cops at the door for your safety

Brian Gardner
may have discovered his passion for DJing by accident, but his success is far from accidental. As a veteran of the Chicago House music scene for more than 15 years, Gardner has emerged as a versatile DJ and producer who manipulates everything from Deep Soulful House, Jazzy Jackin beats to the harder sounds of Industrial and Minimal Techno. Over the last fifteen years Brian has also brought in an array of top-tier House talent while promoting the underground vibrancy that makes the city's house scene glow at venue's such as Boom Boom Room at Green Dolphin, Ohm, Smart Bar, Moonshine & Darkroom as well as Loft style events. Make sure and check out www.soul-foundation.com www.djbriangardner.com for more info & upcoming events & www.deepgroovesmastering.com for all your vinyl mastering needs
"Acid, deep, jackin', old school—I'm not limiting myself to any one genre of House," Gardner says. More recently, his style has taken him the route of "deep boompty house," which are slower beats characterized by big vocals. "I'm not interested in putting people to sleep," he says of his performance style. "Good music is just good music." Check out his latest release on www.realdeeprecordings.com, www.minuendo.net, www.btmgmusic.com

DJ Turbotic
Co-founder of True Family Unit, DJ Turbotic has been representing Chicago underground electronica sound since the mid-90's. Solid skills lets him churn out minimal techno butter and a dollop of tech-house daily. Prepare for the resurgence!
DJ Turbotic
Co-founder of True Family Unit, Chicago underground electronic sound since the mid-90's.
Page: 90 like this

Dj Adonis Childs -TRUE FAMILY UNIT
This dj has been bring quality events for Chicago for many years now.
his style is always much different from then others. making new hot sounds never heard before. putting your mind in the right place to move and groove. TFU crew witch has been been around for many years. when you see their logo you know your in for a treat. working hard on new music and his off beat videos we all like to see on youtube.bring the sighs of the time of the Chicago underground and vibe. one guy we will see for years and years to come. TFU is happy to bring Adonis TFU to this event to bend your mind into dancing bliss.
has always when your looking at events look and see just what your paying for with the artist that are booked.look them up see what they've done. where they came from and how long.

MEGA MIKE -Chicago (True Family Unit /M.I.A/ Konkrete Jungle)
Chicago based DJ, drummer and master of all styles bass fueled, Mega Mike is undisputedly one of the city’s most skilled, versatile and entertaining low frequency slangers out there. Forthcoming projects for 2012 include new original tunes and bootlegs as well as a couple new monthly Bass Music and Open Format residencies. Check out his latest work at http://soundcloud.com/dj-mega-mike
http://www.facebook.com/DJMEGAMIKE (http://www.facebook.com/DJMEGAMIKE) MEGA MIKE -Chicago (M.I.A. / True Family Unit / Konkrete Jungle) Chicago ...

What more can we say about this beat master on the 1's and 2's but he always brings the best of the best when he's in front of the hot TECH's. showing you just what djing is all about.
now he's working on new tracks for that ass. you'll hear more from him soon... a real TFU jack ...
Funk and Soul, Big Drops and Funky chops, that’s what Justin Nemesis is throwing down! From Chicago house, minimal techno, acid and disco to drum and bass, hip hop and west coast beat- Justin found his passion when his big sister took him to a rave in Chicago when he was only 15. He has since dedicated his free time to learning about multiple genres of music and perfecting his DJing skills. Vinyl was his first love and after a decade it continues to be his favorite way to mix. Justin has had several residencies in Chicago and played at hot spots including Smartbar, Green Dolphin, Funky Buddah Lounge, Zentra and Evil Olive, alongside favorites like Paul Johnson, James Curd, Gene Hunt and Justin Long, to name a few. Look for him at clubs, bars and parties. Dancers will not be able to sit down during this set!

Noble aka No Boats ( TRUE FAMILY UNIT / Barrel~dEM / Solarium Deluna )
After hearing 808 State and The KLF back in 1992, Noble aka No Boats became hooked on house and really anything with a beat. His youth was spent attending weekend rave parties all over the East Coast, often travelling with a friend who sold water, candy and raver accessories ~ these PLUR induced moments would become the foundation for the type of vibe he was looking to create with his music. When he picked up his first Technics and a mixer in 2000, extra money was always quickly spent on vinyl. By that time, he lived in Chicago, the House music capitol, so finding good tunes wasn't a problem. He's always listening to new stuff while remaining true to those classic anthems we know and love. A true DJ, Noble has played clubs, birthdays, weddings, house parties, yoga studios, pool parties in Times Square and dirty warehouse parties in Brooklyn and Chicago. Wherever people want to dance and have a good time is where you'll find him.
Noble aka No Boats is the founder of Barrel~dEM (barreldem.blogspot.com), blogging and throwing parties, DJ Competitions and events in and around Chicago. He is one of three founders of Solarium Deluna (www.solariumdeluna.com) - an Artist Collective in Chicago, monthly resident DJ at Synphoria (www.ilovetosyn.com) and co-producer / promoter of When Skills Turn Deadly (www.whenskillsturndeadly.com) held monthly at the world-famous Gramaphone Records.
Solarium de Luna | ART MUSIC SPIRIT
"Where the Sun (physical manifestation) and the Moon (spiritual source) unite in Celebration of Inspiration"

THESE TWO GUYS you gotta love them!
wax junkies no laptop pussy punks here.
bother are working on original music as we wait to hear them on the plate TAG team for the love of the lady's.
not just your out of nowhere dj's. Dan Eisenhauer & Dan Kessler rage the burbs and the chi town clubs to the MAX.

(Bass Technicians/TFU/El Cartel/Undaground Elements)
Skoobisnax discovered his passion for dance music about 5 years ago, and immediately began to produce and DJ music. After years of practice, He hit the dance scene in chicago, and hit it hard. Skoobisnax is quickly becoming a well known name in the Chicago Underground, and is continuously working to bring everyone the freshest sets and coolest sounding original tracks possible. Skoobisnax can be seen all over Chicago playing anything from weekly club nights to the most balls to the wall raves in the city and beyond. Resident DJ with multiple production companies, his funky, energy filled Tech house sets, smooth and fun Funky House sets, originally produced material, and solid track selection will have you jackin' all night and begging for more.

P.S Skoobienax is one of the dj music style new dj out on the underground we are so happy to have him on board your going to see him everywhere !! :)

Iva So-Posh

please pass the love for this event.. :)

Would you like to see your event listed here? Let me know. Better yet, book me to play, it guarantees promotion for your event. For bookings call 331-425-9724



And food for thought...

Question: Who is sick and tired of Hollywood churning out mindless remakes and for lack of a better term, "really shitty movies."? Well I think that I have come across a solution for all of us, sink your teeth into this kids.

A good friend of mine by the name of Ryan Miller has an amazing project that he has been working on for quite some time. Originally it had started out as an idea for a graphic novel that he wanted me to be the colorist and layout guy for... But the artist that he originally had flaked out on the situation. Well... The story idea was such a strong one; and he was quite the cinematographer/movie maker already. So Ryan bravely took the story idea further and started making a movie... It looks amazing and the story is even stronger because it has more life breathed into it than before. He's a got a short of the film put together; but he is trying to gather money together to put some of the final polishes onto his short feature. This is so he can send it out with hopes of getting the proper attention from execs/producers in order to proceed in making it into a full length feature film. I think that this is something that has been missing in Hollywood for quite some time kids... A new idea instead of a remake of the remake of the remake of the... You get where I am going with this, check out the link below, I think you'll be just as impressed as I am. Thank you for your time, consideration, and hopefully your support as well.



SoundCloud Attack!

More Adventure Club!!
LIPS - Everything To Me (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Adventure Club Dubstep

New Aeroplane!!
Aeroplane - Big Boys Don't Cry by Aeroplane (Official)

Put this on and clean the house!!


Ima be Frank (Ocean)

we've all done it...

seriousstuff (downunda)