Meredith Music Fest Breakdown

I went to a music festival this weekend. Not just a music festival, but a Music Festival. 11.38pm Sunday night and my first Meredith is still unfolding. I worked a lot so I didn't 'see' much but I heard, oh I heard. And I fell in love...

From behind the fryer, I fell madlymadly in love with Explosions in the Sky.

Saturday afternoon, Joelistics dropped hot beats and got the crowd and my booty going...

Of course Cut/Copy was a highlight of Saturday night... but you don't need me to turn you on to them, do you?!

There was a rumour that YachtClubDJs were playing latelatelate Saturday, but I passed out with my top half on and my LED hula hoops on around me in my tent so I've no idea. But they're super rad.

Pure sex pysch rock by Matt Sonic and the High Times closed out the fest on Sunday afternoon... "Close your eyes, pretend like it's 10pm last night and you're on the good stuff". And I was.

Break Free Your Mind - Matt Sonic and the High Times by Headgap


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