Nepotism, not such a bad thing.

by: Cheezy
So I got to thinking this afternoon about Nepotism and Hollywood. You either end up with the 'Nicole Richie's' of the world, knowing fully and completely that their celebrity depends on the celebrity of another, talented person. Or you can end up with Rashida Jones, a talented, articulate, beautiful, young actress whom I was surprised to find out is the daughter of *gasp* Quincy Jones!? I guess, I always thought it was a little weird a Puerto Rican chick with no accent was named Rashida Jones in the first place. Anyway, who cares about Hollywood, let's talk music.
Sometimes when you get just the perfect balance things fall effortlessly into place. The artists featured can and do have successful careers on their own, but, it's their partnership and influence that makes them that extra bit special. Maybe the comfort of being with someone who loves you unconditionally contributes to the freedom of the creative process? Maybe it's because their stories are born from the same place? Either way, I'm glad they grew up together.

The Martinez Brothers
I mean seriously, how cute can you f*ing get? I saw these guys at DEMF in 2010 and, boy oh boy. If this is what the underage kids have to offer, we old folks are in trouble. In the next year or so we can expect these DJ's to turn into some talented Producers.

The Martinez Brothers - Broke In The Bx (Original Mix)

The Martinez Brothers - Live at DEMF 2010
I can't tell you how relieved I was not to find myself dancing around in the background with a Bud Light Lime!

Pete Rock & Grap Luva
This whole thought process got started because my boy posted an article with Grap Luva, little bro of one of The Greatest Producers of All Time..... Pete Rock! In the article, Grap Luva recalls listening to his Pop's old Grand Master Flash records. I mean, who wouldn't be a badass?

Pete Rock feat. Grap Luva - Collector's Item

Pete Rock - A Little Soul

Grap Luva - Touch The Sky

The Q Brothers
The Retar Crew
The Q Bros have many tricks up their sleeves but one of my favorite projects of their's is a Hip hop group they're in with their just as awesome buddies. These boys hold a special place in my heart. Funny, smart, good looking....... most of all BOLD. They are able to takes us along on a joke about them/ourselves without ever making us feel bad. Actually, just the opposite.

The Retar Crew - "ninja-ology"

No Homo

Daddy issues

Kim & Kelley Deal
The Breeders
Although short lived, this band was, and still is the shit. They had 3 good years in the 90's and even though I happened to like their 2008 release Mountain Battles it didn't seem to pick up much, if any, momentum. Either way a kick ass twin pairing that I'm pretty sure knits their own socks.

The Breeders - Bang On

Breeders - Happiness is a Warm Gun

Breeders - Do You Love Me Now

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