Party Time

Ant Acid "Party Time" by Anthony Acid

It's gonna be party time at a fun little loft party in Wicker Park this Friday night. $10 for a cup for the keg, and I'm playing 10-11PM+. It's at 1742 N.
Milwaukee, enter on the Wabansia side. Here's what Wanda AKA Boo Magoo has to say about it:

My roommates and I are throwing a party an Emergency Loft Party on Friday the 13th because we just received an electric bill for 18 months in our commercial space. We were off the grid for a long time, but one of the guys felt guilty/responsible and kept calling ComED all summer to get a bill. He gave up calling a few months ago, but we did finally get the bill a few days ago. Its almost $2000 and we need to come up with it soon, they don't do payments since we are commercially zoned. Most of the people here haven't lived here that long, so its not even money we owe, but it has to get paid. So its a Friday the 13th party, since bad things happen. But its going to be fun, we have a keg, bar, DJ and a couple live acts. Its a traditional loft/house party, kinda like the kind you went to in college, burner friendly, but not specifically a burner party since my roomies aren't burners. We are centrally located, by North/Milwaukee/Damen (1742 N. Milwaukee, enter on the Wabansia side) so if you are going to be in the area Friday night, stop in for cheap beer and help us continue this awesome loft space. The door charge is $10, which includes a cup for the keg, so all you can drink beer for $10. We will also have some whiskey drinks for sale. Thanks!!

Boo Magoo

P.S. if anyone wants to perform, dj or anything else, let me know.

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