D'Bug'D - Mar 26 2011 Synthesized Podcast

“I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir.” - D'Bug'D

I've personally had the pleasure of playing out with John aka D'Bug'D several times now and it's always enjoyable. He recently offered me a chance to create weekly podcasts on this site ... so I'm eager to get started and put some mixes out there as well as highlight Barrel~dEM goodness.

From TheMusicPodcast -
This Chicago native has been throwin’ down for the stateside masses 18 years now & is easily set to be the next big thing. You can expect nothing but the smoothest blends and freshest Tech & Progressive House sounds. With strong label support out of Belgrade, Serbia & Buenos Aires, South America D’Bug’D is also making his production/remixing talents known worldwide. “I just play music that I love” ..and you can hear it in his sets. So whether it’s in a club or chillin’ at your mates place, he’ll have ya groovin’ for sure!

PODCAST HERE ---->Synthesized - Mar. 26

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