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The best music can't be wrapped into neat little packages like genres, labels or even songs. Dixon's Violin is a perfect example. To see this guy play live is an experience. The closest I can compare it to for me, would be a science fiction book I read called In Memory of Whiteness by Kim Stanley Robinson. In a nutshell, it's about a prodigy who travels the solar system playing concerts on this massive one man orchestra. On each planet, the audience experiences a different epiphany.
Don't just listen to me, here's what some of his fans had to say -

"I had some serious visions when you played music to transmute negative energies--a whole creation story of the world in music, starting from the beginning of time, and containing my role in it, explaining why all these painful things had happened to me. Listening to the arpeggios near the end, after the distortion, I could see everything from a vantage, a higher perspective, able to appreciate the marvelous interlocking pattern of dips and swirls that our lives make up. Everything is going to end up beautifully... but the harmony you made is so primal that it keeps drawing me back, and I get lost in the overwhelming wonder of those fundamental world-evoking chords."

"You are a gift to us...I was overcome with tears in my eyes watching you perform"

"I vibrated for hours afterward. Thank you"

 Check out Dixon's Violin, buy his music, witness the experience.

Found out more here - http://www.dixonsviolin.com/
You can buy his music here.
For booking inquiries, email dixonsviolin@gmail.com

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