MAY 4th - Barrel~dEM and Solarium Deluna present: KRAKATOA

Barrel~dEM started off as a music blog ... a collection of friends who share the music they love. We want to manifest the physical aspect of that love in a regular party we call KRAKATOA. If you aren't familiar, look it up and you might understand why the name is perfect.

Friday May 4 
9pm - 2am
' *....*:.*. '
.......,' .`.......


A mixture between Singy-Songy Bone Thugs n Harmony tunes, rapid fire Tech N9ne flows, and witty lyrics like Eminem, J-X has been laying vocals since 6th grade. He spent his earlier years blasting music in his headphones at school writing lyrics. Being an introvert, almost no one heard his music until 2005 when he released the critically acclaimed "Document 15". Since then, he has been through many trials and hardships that have shaped his new positive attitude and music. His interest in spirituality have given his new lyrics deeper meaning. He has made his presence known in the rave scene, the Kenyan rap scene, and is budding in the hip-hop scene. Lately, he has been experimenting with dubstep/rap to provoke the maximum emotional response from the listeners. He's got nine lives.

++No Boats++

After hearing 808 State and The KLF back in 1992, Noble aka No Boats became hooked on house and anything else with a beat. His youth was spent attending weekend rave parties all over the East Coast, often travelling with a friend who sold candy and raver accessories ~ these PLUR induced moments would become the foundation for the type of vibe he was looking to create with his music. When he picked up his first Technics and a mixer in 2000, extra money was always quickly spent on vinyl. By that time, he lived in Chicago, the House music capitol, so finding good tunes wasn't a problem. He's always listening to new stuff while remaining true to those classic anthems we know and love. A true DJ, Noble has played clubs, birthdays, weddings, house parties, yoga studios, pool parties in Times Square and dirty warehouse parties in Brooklyn and Chicago. Wherever people want to dance and have a good time is where you'll find him.

☤ ☤ ☤ PRANAS (Bass, Breaks) ☤ ☤ ☤


Prana was first expounded in the Upanishads, where it is part of the worldly, physical realm, sustaining the body and the mother of thought and thus also of the mind. Prana suffuses all living forms but is not itself the Atman or individual soul. In the Ayurveda, the Sun and sunshine are held to be a source of prana.

HOOP MUSE - Coelti

if you are interested in performing at future events email jnoblelong@gmail.com
We'll be running KRAKATOA every 1st and 4th fridays of each month.

@Solarium Deluna
3645 W Armitage
$7.00 Suggested donation
18 and Up
No Drugs or Alcohol

 RSVP @ http://www.facebook.com/events/315052155233278/

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