One by L¥R

TFU was established circa 97', and has been throwing parties ever since. Loft parties, bars, clubs, raves...TFU has been a staple in the Chicago music Scene. With a focus on house music but spanning all genres of dance.

Our first TFU spotlight is Lyr. Some would say that perhaps he listens to too much music, but for LYR it's never enough. Influenced by almost all forms of music ranging from Death Metal, to 50's club jazz, and finally his favorite Minimal Ambient, LYR has vested knowledge in much of the Electronic scene. While most of the United States has been caught up in the "dubstep" wave, LYR has taken akin to the UK sound and its emphasis on deep subwoofer heavy tunes rather than the mid-range power tool noises that many Americans are familiar with. With LYR's live sets, his goal is not to blow out your eardrums, but to make the walls rattle and have the bass vibrate through your body. His personal mixes however, are meant to sedate and ease the mind, and will be for fans who seek a calmer and more soothing sound to dubstep.

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/lyr312

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