UPSTEP :: Dubstep.NET Presents: "Flashing Lights" EP

Dubstep.NET Presents: "Flashing Lights" EP (Free DL in Description) by Dubstep.NET

Download the "Flashing Lights" EP now: http://dubstep.net/ep/at-dawn-we-rage

Brisk and bubbly, AT DAWN WE RAGE’s brand new EP lays out their full spectrum of highly dynamic audio distortion. Ranging from liquid-sounding pops to http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifhydraulihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifc, incredibly mechanical rises, the “Flashing Lights” EP is a testament to AT DAWN WE RAGE’s experimental tenacity and consistently expanding sonic variation. Funky instrumental grooves provide a distinctly organic element to a digitally rich sound-scape filled with lush pads and striking drum arrangement, all signs of massive progression for the long-time friends of Dubstep.NET, AT DAWN WE RAGE. We’ re proud to present you with this excellent 2-track EP, and we advise you to TURN THE VOLUME UP for this one!

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