Thanks Charlie for taking the time to answer a few questions. We've
    been fans for a long time.

    When did Ghetto Division come about and what was your main inspiration
    for starting the label?

Ghetto division was created by me in 2007 at hotjams records. I threw parties with a few buddies also known as rampage, maddjazz, d51, rob threezy and moonman. We didn't have a name but we were all from the southside of chicago also known as ghetto side of chicago but there was a group/division of use from the ghetto that were not gangbangers or trouble makers. We just wanted to dj and throw parties.

    Who are some of your influences artistically?

Frankie Knuckles, Cajmere, MasterKraft, Daft Punk, The Doors, just to name a few.

    Your Southside Shakedown parties have given you quite a reputation for
    bringing a crowd. Are you still putting those on?

I will be bringing back those events back but not called south side shake down i started a promotional / event coordinating company called House Unity and will be throwing events under that name with ghetto division artist. Ghetto division is now a record label and focusing on only production and deejaying.

    How do you recruit for the label? Is it organic or do you have a
    system for finding fresh talent?

We recruit by talent, ambition and motivation.   

    What is your opinion of the dance music scene these days in Chicago?

Chicago is a little slow right now, in my opinion. There is alot of talent in chicago but not born and raised talent anymore only a selected few from chicago are born here everyone in the scene is not from the city so they give the world the wrong impression of how chicago really is.  

    Where are some places that Ghetto Division members have traveled to?
    What city or cities are your personal favorites to play in? Why?

Ghetto Division artists have had the privilege to mix all across the u.s, mexico, europe etc. My favorite spot was belgium. They know how to party and enjoyed all our production.  

    You guys have covered the full gamut of underground house music ...
    from bmore to moombahton to juke? What styles or hybrids should we be
    on the lookout for?  

No genres just bpm from now on. If it makes you move, if it makes you happy if it makes you cry. That's what we are aiming for from now on. Trying to capture all forms of emotion and feelings thru the music.

    I've read that you recently purchased a large record collection. What
    percentage of Ghetto Division material is released on vinyl?

Nothing yet is available on record but we do have some projects and releases in the works and they will be both digital and vinyl releases.  

    Anything else you want to add?

Ghetto Division Is a group of friends / family from the southside of chicago born and raised in the ghetto streets but the division of us that aren't involved in gangs or gang violence have a voice and express our selves thru our music and want to change the world thru our music. 

You can check out tunes from Charlie at http://soundcloud.com/charlieglitch or the whole Ghetto Division crew at http://soundcloud.com/ghettodivision.
Stay up on the latest updates, events and releases from the label at these sites:

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