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"One day I will rule the world with a goat by my side"

NecroStructure: Simply a conversion of different styles and ways, to create something more than experimental. Blending metaphysics, media, circuitbentry, synths, and computers, NecroStructure creates sound quite unlike most of what is heard nowadays. The creations cover a wide range of stylistics. But the final product, is art. It is in the eyes of the beholder, is it not?

It is an organism that simulates your sonic senses, tuning it into other frequencies.

NeS- is the man behind the music, with a vision to further bring you into the melodic chaos within the music he creates, and push your mind to further understand the darker side of existance.
Originally from Europe, J.D.Hazard alias NeS, started NecroStructure back in 2007 when he began taking music production seriously and experimenting with new sounds and melodies.

The music you hear comes from a range of sources such as drum machines, synths, computer generated noise, guitars, circuit bent instruments, as well as didgeridoos and other media. NecroStructure is powered by the ideas of the world, projecting the sound image back, through the Looking Glass.


no boats

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