TWITTER ARTIST SPOTLIGHT :: Loversrock - Good time (original mix) / Amselcom

I got a tweet to check out this tune on a Soundcloud page belonging to Amselcom. So I followed it. What is Amselcom anyway? A record label, an artist collective? Like most of the stuff I receive, there wasn't much information ... but it appears that Amselcom is an online museum of mobile artists curated by Andrew Calder from Berlin. They also promote some good music and it looks as though they are attempting to start a record label.

The song above is by Loversrock and was created in 2005, but never released. Loversrock have also released tracks on the Moodmusic record label also from Berlin.

Clearly, these guys have an ear for music and an eye for art ... so we'll keep them on our radar. Be sure to check out all the appropriate links and follow them on twitter.


No Boats

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