Kissy Sell Out - DJsounds Show 2012



Graeme Revell - Rain Forever
Switch & Erol Alkan - Sydney Jook (Bok Bok Remix)
Nicki Minaj - Check It Out (Acapella)
Adam F - Circles (Eats Everything Remix - Kissy Klub Version)
Kissy Sell Out & Rob Sparx - Live Wire Ft. Jane Thomas [San City High Exclusive]
LeDoom & Tony Mundaca - CumbiaTRON (Kissy Klub Version)
Skrillex & Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dun
Kissy Sell Out Ft. The MIDI Mafia - Let's Hook Up [San City High Exclusive]
Brillz Feat Whiskey Pete- Blastin
Stereothieves - Snatch [San City High Exclusive]
Tall Paul - Rock Da House (Kissy Klub Version)
LAXX - Generate
French Fries - Senta
Taiki & Nulight - Keep You Movin (Kissy Klub Version)
Thunderskank Acapella
Parachute Youth - Cant Get Better Than This (Trumpdisco Remix - Kissy Klub Version)
Kissy Sell Out & Taku Takahashi - Shut It Down Ft. Ty
Syron - Breaking (Hackman Remix - Kissy Klub Version)
Unknown - Mofo Mr DJ (Kissy Klub Version)
The Squatters Feat Kissy Sell Out - Early Morning Crew [San City High Exclusive]
LAXX - In Tha Place
Charli XCX - You're the One (Woz Remix)
Deetah - Relax (Bump N Flex Mix)
Kissy Sell Out & Tom Piper - Side Winder [San City High Exclusive]
Kissy Sell Out - Moombah Car! [San CIty High Exclusive]
Coki - Marduk (Kissy Klub Version)
Lee Mortimer - My Body
The Partysquad - Badman (feat. Alvaro)
Congorock & Sean Paul - Bless Di Nation (Instrumental)
Kanye West - Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix)
Free Willy - Juicy
Tommy Trash - All My Friends (Oh Snap!! Trap Remix)
Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You (Kissy Klub Version)
Kissy Sell Out Ft. Queen Of Hearts - You're Not The One [San City High]
Kissy Sell Out - You're Not The Dub [San City High Exclusive]

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