Angels & Airwaves - LOVE parts 1 and 2 (FULL ALBUM)

Angels & Airwaves have a new movie out called Love. It's an incredible storyline consisting of several separate characters. The main guy is trapped on a space station after the destruction of the earth. So throughout his years of being stuck up there, he sees the Earth starting to collapse below. He ends up basically becoming the last person alive. And then decades later, he wakes up one day and there's something outside of his spaceship, in low Earth orbit with him.

The movie is enhanced by the soundtrack which is completely produced by Angels & Airwaves and was released 2 years prior in 2009. Check out both soundtracks (the second is an instrumental) below:

Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce - 0:00
The Flight Of Apollo - 2:36
Young London - 8:54
Shove - 14:00
Epic Holiday - 20:38
Hallucination - 25:19
The Moon-Atomic - 30:01
Clever Love - 36:21
Soul Survivor (...2012) - 40:51
Letters To God Part 2 - 45:00
Some Origins Of Fire - 49:07


No Boats

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