CLASSIC SOUL :: The Temptations - Just My Imagination

In the early 1960's, popular music was expanding as Rock took hold of the mainstream... so did R&B and Soul. One of the biggest acts of those genres and maybe the biggest act on the Detroit based label - Motown was The Temptations. They created the Motown sound which was not only R&B and Soul, but also came to be Cinemtatic and Psychedelic Soul, Funk, Disco and Adult Contemporary. The Temptations preached that Papa Was A Rolling Stone, I'm doing fine on Cloud Nine ... and that true love was possible even if just during the course of a song with My Girl and Just My Imagination. The Temptations were a team effort with most songs being sung co-lead while the rest of the act brought us that beautiful harmony we all know and love.


No Boats

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