Jónsi - Go (Full Album)

1. Go Do
2. Animal Arithmetic 4:41
3. Tornado 8:05
4. Boy Lilikoi 12:20
5. Sinking Friendships 16:50
6. Kolniður 21:32
7. Around Us 25:28
8. Grow till Tall 30:46
9. Hengilás 36:07

Way back in 2011, my life was going to shit. I had left my girlfriend of 10 years, went thru a rehab treatment for drugs and alcohol and was living in a halfway house. For those who don't know ... the rules of the house are to stay sober, attend an AA meeting once a day and we also had a 10 PM curfew. Around the the 3rd week of my stay, I saw that Jonsi was playing nearby. I was always a big fan of Sigur Ros and I was determined to see Jonsi with someone special. I bought two tickets and really had no idea who to invite. I met my friend Wendy at a birthday party. We had a really good discussion about libertariansim, we remained friends online and when the time came I had invited her to go with me (as just friends). What happened next was just incredible, now Wendy had never heard Jonsi or Sigur Ros ... which was perfect.

As we sat in the upper bleacher seats of the Vic theatre, I could have never anticipated what would happen next. The show was incredible. We both wept and laughed and then cried again. The music and the images were so emotional that we hugged and cried and hugged some more. In the end, we heard that Jonsi was inviting some of the audience back stage, so I tried to bribe my way back, but alas my curfew was coming up, so I bought Jonsi's album on vinyl, said hello and goodbye to some familiar faces and left. I called the house to see if I could get a little more time and to my surprise, they said OK. As Wendy and I sat in a diner drinking coffee, one thing was clear ... this night had changed our lives. I miss you Wendy! I hope you are well.

No Boats

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