REBORN :: The Suns / When We Were Us EP

So, I was sent a message from a random person tonight on Facebook. They asked me to vote for a band The Suns on a Chicago magazine poll for The Deli for next months featured artists. Normally, I would ignore this kind of random message. This time, I actually clinked the link and checked out all the bands and I definitely voted for these guys. They deserve all the praise they can get. My favorite from the tracks available on their bandcamp page was Strangeland. I don't know if anthem is the appropriate term to use, but this song really hits you in the gut, then it breaks down and returns to hit you in the heart ... the refrain - "in my heart, you will be forever mine could describe how this song makes me feel about music, when I hear a song as good as this ... the reason I write about and share music. I only wish I still lived in Chicago, so I could go see them live. Maybe, they will swing my way.

Oh, and go vote for them.


No Boats

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