Riff Raff & Dame Grease Hologram Panda [Download x Stream]

Only on the rarest of days could RiFF RAFF drop his mixtape Hologram Panda produced by the legendary Dame Grease. One of two mixtapes planned for release before his Diplo produced Mad Decent debut album.With 12 new tracks covering everything you love about RiFF, slow burners, ratchet bangers and that Jody Highroller stream of conscious. With the year coming to a close RiFF is setting up to have one hell of a 2013.

This track, Peppermint Tint, is the leading track from the mixtape. It shows RiFF RaFF preparing for the winter holidays in very swag Santa Claus gear. Candid effects and RiFF RaFF's energy make this a decent video.  @JodyHighRoller www.maddecent.com  ----Ghost Hand----

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