The Bumblebeez x Next To You ft. Maria

The Bumblebeez re-surface in late 2012 with a promotional single. It's used for a Lacoste commercial (go  figure) but to fans it could be a signal to a potential album or EP in the near future. If you're familiar..you'll like the change of sound, if you're new..still you'll enjoy this one as an introduction song. Also check out their most recent EP from 2011 "I'm a Cowboi."  Promo song for "Lacoste: Polo du Futur"
Download: http://bumblebeez.bandcamp.com/
- Credits -
Released: 11 December 2012 
Produced by: BBZ
Genere: Indie pop, experimental.
Musicians / Members: 
Maria Hamer-Jensen - https://twitter.com/MariaMysoul
Tim Christensen - https://twitter.com/timc1974
Bjørn Vidø
Oscar ----GHOST HAND----

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