JAMMIN :: Widespread Panic - Walkin' (For Your love)

One of the hardest working bands on the "Jam Band" circuit, Widespread Panic came hot out of Athens, GA in 1986. With 6 core members and 15 additional instrumentalists, the band has been steadily touring for almost 27 years now. Their fans, known affectionately as "Spreadheads sometimes travel from city to city to follow them around, similiar to the "Deadheads" who traveled with the Grateful Dead.

Their live shows are amazing. Known for never playing the same show twice, the band has a show-to-show ritual of choosing the night's setlist. At the beginning of each tour, a member of the band's road crew makes a master list of all the songs the band performs and laminates it. Each night before the show he marks the last 3 nights' set lists in different colors. The band can see what has been played recently and then decide what songs to play during the first set. They return back to the list during setbreak to pick songs for the second set, and likewise, return after the second set for any additional sets if playing more than two, or the encore. as of 2011, they hold the record for number of sold-out performances at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Morrison, Colorado) at 38 and Philips Arena (Atlanta, Georgia) at 17.

The catchy Walkin' (For Your love) comes from their second self-titled album released in 1991. If you are a fan, I'd recommend the documentary The Earth Will Swallow You.


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