MODS, VESPAS AND FUCK ALL :: The Who + Quadrophenia (full movie)

Youth culture ... what it is ... what it is. There probably no better movie that illustrates this than The Who's Quadropenia. This particular culture is about the mods, but it could easily be punks, or rockers, or skins, or ravers. The story is about a kid named Jimmy. Somewhere along the way, he associates himself with a group of mods ... he runs with them, steals and takes drugs, goes to concerts and then -- the highlight is a trip to the coast with a group of mods ... once there during the height of the tourist season, Jimmy has a grand time, runs riot in the street, falls in love, finds an idol. He later returns to Brighton in the off season after falling out with his parents, only to find that his idol is a hotel doorman. Jimmy loses it and steals, his idol, Ace's prized scooter an drives off a cliff.

No Boats

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