Sanctum.fm is a Detroit based online streaming radio station, pumping out the best in Electronic music. You can tune in anytime at: http://stream.sanctum.fm:8060/listen.m3u

I first met Sanctum.fm's Adam Krikorian at a Burner event in Chicago in 2011. I had the chance to interview him recently about Sanctum.fm and the scene in general.
Check it out below -

Thanks for doing this ... so first of all, how long has Sanctum.fm been on the air?
It's my pleasure! We've been on the air since April 20th, 2011.

Cool, what motivated you to start a streaming radio site? and I just noticed the 4/20 reference!
Well, for starters my family has worked in radio since before I was born so it was one of those things that always felt really comfortable to be a part of. I've always felt that the future of broadcasting is online and that the real way to bring people what they want is to bypass the standard, over-glamorized nonsense that the existing industry benefits from. So I felt like, considering the immense wealth of talent our Detroit scene has, why not give that scene a voice?

Barrel~dEM started in May 2011, coincidence? Actually, meeting you was an inspiration for me to start blogging. I agree that Detroit has a ton of talent ... have you ever been involved with promoting events in Detroit or elsewhere?
Really? That's really great to hear, man. The night we met, I was really blown away by the kindness exhibited to myself and my small band of Detroiters by the local Chi-Town scene. Very cool crowd. To answer your question, I have actually never been involved with promoting or throwing events in the city. Or really anywhere. I've always been a stay-at-home kinda guy, more opting to enjoy the music than the party. But meeting the local Burning Man community in the Metro Detroit area pulled me right out of my shell! I couldn't help but get myself involved!

Yeah, that was a very memorable night for me as well. Who else is involved with running Sanctum.fm?
We have three of us that run most of the station. I act as station head (read: first to blame, hehe), we have John Bowman as our web director and we have Jason McCombs as a technical adviser/show planning. Basically the crew is the three of us, plus my lovely girlfriend who we have deemed our "security fairy" (she runs our door and regulates on spunions). It's a small crew.

"Security fairy" eh, I need to get me one of those! I know that your music tastes are all over the map, like myself ... but can you give us a few of your favorite artists / dj's right now?
I'm telling you, find yourself a lady with the guts to yell at your show's patrons and you're in business! As for music I'm into right now, I'd say I'm the most taken by the forays into what's being most commonly referred to as "future garage" as well as "turbofunk". If I were to pick specific people, I'd say Birdee, NaZaretH, D3adl1ne, mr. Beeb, Hoodsex, Reset!, Justin Martin, Earsley...man, I could do this all night.
Can I just send you a 50 page list? haha

You can send me music anytime! I crave it like a dope fiend craves heroin. We've both seen dubstep and trap music get popular in a big way. What do you think will be the next big genre to come out of EDM?
Well, I HOPE we finally get to that point where we can embrace the collective need for all these sub-genres to blend together! I think as far as emerging genres, we haven't seen the beginning of what the scene is capable of. I don't even want to try and guess where it'll head next. I suspect it'll be an amalgamation of what we all already dig. I'd LOVE to see more drum and bass (I keep hearing rumors that jungle is coming back!) and obviously I'd like to see more 2-step/Garage (because I play the bejesus out of it). But there's really no way to tell and I genuinely love surprises!

Well, it's a fact that dubstep is an amalgamation (love that word, btw) of drum n bass and dub music and trap is a blend of trance and rap. Maybe we'll see the emergence of fechno (folk and techno) or a whole genre of Gaga based music ... lol. I'd like to see Garage music get big again. Who knows where Moombahton or Glitch will lead to? Anything else you want to add before we wrap up here?
Definitely! I also highly suggest JPOD the beat chef if you're into that folk-steppy biz. As for closing commentary - I'd like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with your readers what we're all about. It's a privilege to be a part of the local scene in Detroit as well as the global scene online. We love what we do and love being able to share it with the world. If you're curious about us and want to learn more, get at us online both at our website (www.sanctum.fm) and/or on the usual social media outlets. Also: remember that we are ALWAYS on at sanctum.fm/listen

Thank you Adam!


You can listen to Sanctum.fm on your Android device by downloading A Online Radio and searching for Sanctum.fm

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