T&A Records = Moombahton Forever (download)

Moombahton has largely been overshadowed by the popularity of trap music lately. That's unfortunate because, like trap music, Moombahton is also a combination of EDM and music that was already popular. Please enjoy this compilation. From soundcloud:

"This compilation is a snapshot of Moombahton in 2013, nearly three years after Dave Nada slowed dutch house down to reggaeton tempo for a basement full of buckwild Latino kids in Baltimore. All the major players in the nascent genre come together with their A-game on Moombahton Forever, from originators Nadastrom, Sabo and Munchi to early adopters Heartbreak, Tittsworth, Ayres, Sazon Booya, Pickster and Melo to rave superstars Craze, GTA and Dillon Francis. All facets of the movement are represented: wild dutch synths (Deth, How Y'all Feel), huge buildups (Alerta, Dibby Dibby), reggaeton rhythms (Mami Whine It Up, La Brasilena), moombahcore (Gotta Know, Killa), deep vibes (Vibracion, Suenos), weird experimentalism (Savage Beauty, Club 219), and even a tempo tool from Moombahton to house (Eat It)."

Download the entire thing: divshare.com/download/23445416-d1b

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