SIMPLE :: M83 - Wait

Set your dreams where nobody hides
Give your tears to the tide
No time
No time
There is no end, there is no goodbye

Disappear with night
No time
No time
No time
No time
No time

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OUT OF THiS WORLD :: Awkward - Style Pass : DOWNLOAD

Style Pass

Awkward is a D.J./Producer/Mc/Artist from Bristol Uk member of Bristol's Vertebrae and Los Angeles based crew Machina Muerte.

Rocks the House EP featuring Arizona’s experimental funk maestro, Zackey Force Funk.

Featuring : Zackey Force Funk, N8 No Face of Crimekillz, Isaiah Toothtaker and anticon. co founder Sole amongst others.

https://soundcloud.com/awkward http://awkward.bandcamp.com/album/rocks-the-house-e-p

E.T. Original Score ♫ Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye - John Williams

John Williams might be one of the best soundtrack composers ever. His work on E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was phenomenal. In fact director Steven Spielberg actually re-edited the film around the music, which is almost never done. Listening to it even today, I can picture the action in the movie, just from the music itself.

BONUS: John Williams conducts E.T. - Adventures on Earth

E.T. BMX Chase

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A VIRTUAL GOLDMINE :: CK303 - Daft Punk's "Teachers" Volume II, tracks from 1977-1997 that inspired 'Homework'

Talk about classics ... a lot of times, old school tracks are very refreshing. Especially when you can hear what has influenced the modern day. CK303 has put together a mix of classic house and techno tracks that were largely influential on Daft Punk when they got their start. "It's amazing what you'll find face to face ...."

Artists from the first 60 mintues:

Tracklist for second 60 minutes:

DJ Hyperactive - Tilt (Sm:)le Communications) 1996
Baby Pop - U Know What I'm Sayin' (Relief) 1995
Boo Williams - Flashback (Relief) 1995
DJ Funk - House the Groove (Dance Mania) 1993
DJ Pierre/Roy Davis (Photon)-Give A Little Love(Wild Pitch mix)(Strictly Rhythm)1992
Mike Dunn (MD Xpress) - God Made Me Phunky (Solo) 1994
DJ Sneak - Sounds From The Pipe (Cajual) 1996
Motorbass - Ezio (Different) 1996
DJ Tonka - Give It Up (Force Inc.) 1995
Daniel Wang - Unhouse (Balihu)
Lil Louie Vega/Tony Humphries (Hardrive) – Jus’ Believe (Strictly Rhythm) 1993
Parris Mitchell/Jammin' Gerald - Ghetto B**ty (Dance Mania) 1994
Idjut Boys - Schlamm Me (U-Star) 1996
Nick Holder - Get It Up (DNH) 1994
Joey Beltram (Code 6) - Quad II (Nu Groove) 1991
Todd Terry - Bounce To The Beat (Freeze) 1994
Todd Edwards - Push The Love (i Records) 1997
Boo Williams - Cloudburst (Relief) 1995
Paul Johnson - Y'all Stole Them Dances (Relief) 1994
Mousse T - Everybody (instrumental) (Swing City) 1996
Kenny Dope Gonzales/Lil Louie Vega (Kenlou) - The Bounce (MAW) 1995
Cajmere - Electric (Cajual) 1997
Armand van Helden - Break da 80s (Strictly Rhythm) 1994
Drexciya - Water Walker (Submerge) 1994
Glenn Underground – Beyond (Cajual) 1995
DJ Slugo – Drum to Drum (Dance Mania) 1995
Armando - Confusion's Revenge (Muzique) 1989
DJ Deeon - Ping Pong (Dance Mania)
Neil Landstrumm - Scratch'n'Sniff (Peacefrog) 1996
Waxmaster - Ride the Pony (Dance Mania) 1997
Cajmere - Horny (Horny Toad mix) (Cajual) 1995
DJ Rush - Crusing (Dance Mania) 1991
Robert Hood - The Pace (Axis) 1994
DJ ESP - Ab Fab! (Volume) 1995
Richie Hawtin (Robotman)-Do the Doo (Plastikman Acid House remix) (Definitive) 1993
K Alexi (K.A Posse) - Stick Music (D.J International) 1990
Hardfloor - Mahogany Roots (Harthouse) 1994
Mad Mike Banks/Davina - Don't You Want It? (Happy) 1992
Brian Wilson - 'Music is God's Voice'
Laurent Garnier/Shazz/Ludovic Navarre (Choice) - Acid Eiffel (Fragile) 1993

BONUS: Daft Punk - Live at Vegoose

BRING IT :: Hymn - His Majesty Andre

I just love it when I stumble across the best new tracks. Hymn is an epic electro-house anthem reminiscent of Boys Noize - Yeah ... keep this one on repeat to get the weekend started early.


Ookay - Star Wars (download)

It was bound to happen sooner or later - Star Wars meets Trap. That said .... this one is really well done. It's got the samples, effects and not only one but two different Star Wars melodies.



Adonis Childs - IF I (mix) 1 (download)

Chicago's premier house DJ and fellow True Family Unit alum, Adonis Childs has produced a love song. If I is the tale of watching someone that you care for, fall for another and coming to grips with that.

STAY UP LATE :: Chromatics - Tick of the Clock ( Visione's The Stroke Of Midnight Remix) (download)

Tick of the Clock Visione's The Stroke of Midnight Remix Barrel dEM
Tick of the Clock (Visione's The Stroke of Midnight Remix)
We are beaming with pride over here! Visione formerly know as Drew Id is one of the newest members of the Barrel~dEM posse and has remixed Chromatics' tune Tick of the Clock and is getting publicity from all over the internet. He has even gotten a spotlight on hypem.

You might recognize the original from the movie "Drive", where is was part of the soundtrack used during the very first getaway scene. Visione has taken what is essentially background music, albeit good background music and amped it up into a fully realized track. Keep your eyes and ears on this man, seriously ... glad to know him!

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DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH :: Holden - Gone Feral

It's great to hear new music that really stands apart from the rest. Today, we have just that from James Holden. Gone Feral is a 6 minute track that is almost indescribable. The bass pounds, while the melody twirls and hums along. It truly is magnificient to hear and is a great example of why Holden will always be one of my favorite artists. Make sure you listen to this with headphones on to get the FULL effect.




All the same

Formerly known as "Drew Id" - VISIONE is a producer from Chicago who delves in many different styles ranging from dark hypnotic hard hitting electro vibes to cinematic grooves all the way to chillout and indie dance... It is hard to pin down a genre to fit him in..

Look for VISIONE's "Tick of the Clock: The stroke of Midnight Remix" on THE CHROMATICS re-release of their smash hit "Tick of the Clock" single in the next few weeks on I-tunes.. Limited Press Vinyl Edition release date TBA from ITALIANS DO IT BETTER records

Free Download: https://soundcloud.com/visione_official/limbo-wip
Follow on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/visione_official

UP AND COMING :: Reverie - VISIONE Original Mix


Formerly known as "Drew Id" - VISIONE is a producer from Chicago who delves in many different styles ranging from upbeat dance tracks to cinematic grooves all the way to dark hypnotic hard hitting electro vibes... It is hard to pin down a genre to fit VISIONE into.

Look for VISIONE's "Tick of the Clock: The stroke of Midnight Remix" on THE CHROMATICS re-release of their smash hit "Tick of the Clock" single in the next few weeks on I-tunes.. Limited Press Vinyl Edition release date TBA from ITALIANS DO IT BETTER records
https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/chromatics/id6122886 http://italiansdoitbetter.bigcartel.com/

[Album] Top Prospekt | Sunshine In The Alley [SmokeSkreen Entertainment]

Nashville native, Top Prospekt has delivered some new sounds for 2013 today, Sunshine In The Alley. SITA flows like a memoir with its pensive samples but also has the vibe of good relax music. Definitely worth a listen from another one of the rapidly growing "Music City's" Hip Hop artists. 

SmokeSkreen :: TopProspekt615@gmail.com :: 615-564-0419

==Ghost Hand==


GET LOST IN THIS :: Serfcity - Initial Reflections

Initial Reflections
Emotive deep tech at its finest...
Serfcity's "Initial Reflections" single will be available Tuesday on Beatport, I-tunes, Spotify, and all other major music retailers TUESDAY March 26th 2013

Find him on beatport tuesday... Until then here is his soundcloud link

Serfcity - Initial Reflections (Drew Id Remix)

Initial Reflections (Drew Id Remix)
This is my B-side remix of Serfcity's "Initial Reflections" guaranteed to smash dance floors... BOOM!
Available on Beatport, I-tunes, Spotify, and all other major music retailers TUESDAY March 26th 2013

Find him on beatport tuesday... Until then here is his soundcloud link


ANOTHER POSTAL SERVICE TRACK :: The Postal Service - Turn Around

We are lucky to have another new release from The Postal Service. This one is also from their 10th Anniversary re-issue of Give Up. In my opinion, it's a much better track than their last one - A Tattered Line of String. Make sure you check them out when they tour in a city near you, that is if you can still get tickets.


3Ball MTY - Baile De Amor ft. Joss Favela

One of the biggest things happening in Mexico right now is the group 3Ball MTY. They were formed in 2009 by Erick Rincon, Sergio Zavala (Dj Sheeqo Beat), Alberto Presenda (Dj Otto)and Javier Muñoz (DJ Rooster). Known for mixing electronic with traditional cumbia music, 3Ball MTY have played in front of crowds amassing thousands in Mexico, Spain and elsewhere. In 2011, the group signed a record contract with label Latin Power Music, a division of Universal Music.

BONUS: 3BallMTY: Blow Your Head - Episode #1


Bonobo - North Borders [Full Album]

The bonobo, Pan paniscus, formerly called the pygmy chimpanzee and less often, the dwarf or gracile chimpanzee, is a great ape and one of the two species making up the genus Pan; the other is Pan troglodytes, or the common chimpanzee.

Simon Green, also known by his stage name Bonobo, is a British musician, producer and DJ. Green has recorded and performed solo DJ sets under the name Barakas, and together with Robert Luis from Tru Thoughts as Nairobi and Barakas.

North Borders is Bonobo's 6th LP. Released on Ninja Tune records 3 days ago on March 21, the LP includes collaborations with Eryka Badu, Szjerdene, Grey Reverend and Cornelia. It was due for release on 1st April 2013, but was released early in digital format after a promotional copy was leaked.

Bonobo uses a wide variety of samples in his music combined with heavy, often complex basslines. His music generally develops linearly - with new elements such as basslines or percussion coming in one after the other. In Days to Come, he mixes this sonic background with the clean yet distinctive vocals of Bajka, who often uses harmony to build up a multifaceted sound.
Whilst often touring solo, and performing DJ sets, in 2004 Bonobo opted to follow the growing trend amongst electronic acts of playing with a full band. The band plays live renditions of studio material, with a singer, keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, string section, electronics, and drummer. Simon Green mainly plays bass guitar, and leads the band from the middle.

(0:00) - First Fires (feat. Grey Reverend)
(4:38) - Emkay
(10:04) - Cirrus
(15:53) - Heaven for the Sinner (feat. Eryka Badu)
(20:03) - Sapphire
(24:51) - Jets (29:26) - Towers (feat. Szjerdene)
(33:03) - Don't Wait
(38:21) - Know You
(44:26) - Antenna
(47:58) - Ten Tigers
(52:02) - Transits (feat. Szjerdene)
(56:23) - Pieces (feat. Cornelia


Daft Punk's Random Access Memories out May 21st!

The wait is over. Word has just come out that the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories will be released on May 21st on Columbia Records imprint Daft Life Unlimited. You can pre-order the album now on i-tunes.

A number of musicians have reportedly contributed to the new album, including Chic frontman Nile Rodgers, songwriter Paul Williams, Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, Feist collaborator Chilly Gonzales, and disco legend Giorgio Moroder.

No word yet on song titles, but the number of tracks and lengths can be found below. Check out a Daft Punk remix by Keys N Krates as well.

Random Access Memories track lengths:
01. 4:34
02. 5:21
03. 9:04
04. 3:48
05. 5:37
06. 5:53
07. 8:18
08. 6:07
09. 4:50
10. 5:41
11. 4:39
12. 4:11
13. 6:21

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (KEYS N KRATES REMIX)



Mountain Range - It's Lonely Around People, Too (Teen Daze Remix)

Canadian Teen Daze likes to chill. That is evident in his songs and remixes. This tune is not a loud tune. It is made for meditating. The simplicity of it makes it appealing. If you like what you hear, check out more from Teen Daze below.


SHIT IS HOT! :: Poolside - Slow Down

Slow Down

Almost everyone selectively remembers summer for the best of what it has to offer: swimming, barbecues, and temperatures that don't numb anyone's appendages. But the heat of July and August can also make you feel on the verge of death, and the soundtrack to that oppression isn't what we typically call a summer jam. Enter "Slow Down," the drank-disco single from L.A. duo Poolside. With glossy synths that seem to hit in slow-mo and a bass that doesn't do much more than crawl, it's dance music for the chillout tent, a woozy song with a beat that sounds like it's constantly trying to unstick itself from something. You'll want to hear plenty of songs this summer when driving with the windows down, but "Slow Down" is for when it's too hot to do anything but lie in the shade.


Dj Blaqstarr feat. Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground(Jokers of the Scene Remix)

There's so much talent on this track, it bleeds through the speakers. You have Baltimore native DJ Blaqstarr and Rye Rye on the original cut and then Jokers of the Scene come in and make the bass extra chunky. I used to drop this one in on my DJ sets and the floor would quickly pack. Jokers of the Scene were my favorite act at one time, but they've turned dark and too techno. Maybe we'll see them drop some more remixes with their original sound again.

Jakwob - Fade (feat. Maiday)

U.K. producer Jakwob takes a break from dubstep to bring us Fade featuring Maiday. I guess you could categorize this as trip hop. Maiday provides some really sweet vocals, the piano creates a really sweet atmosphere. Jakwob is about to start a tour around the U.K. so check him out if you live over there.


DAFT PUNK? :: Daft Punk - Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)

Daft Punk - Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)

Cherokee are a French House duo that kick-started in 2011, invigorating with them the return of the legendary house movement of the late nineties. After a few singles, Cherokee’s distinct taste for perfection has been approved by all and recognized worldwide. One of the few DJs whos sound can be recognized in the very first beats of the track, Cherokee relentlessly thrive on creating a unique and powerful vibe.

FOR REAL :: Rapewolf - Realest shit I ever wrote (PROD. BY HARRY FRAUD) [Official Video]

Realest shit I ever wrote

Directed & Edited by @ROMOFACE


SONIC ANGELS :: Martin Patiño - Make Love

Resident of Germany, half-Italian half-Peruvian Martin Patiño has brought heaven to my ears. Make Love is not your average house track. It builds until it hits a beautiful breakdown, where it gets a little quiet and the music dances around for the rest of the song. Make Love was chosen to be on Freerange records Colour Series: Violet 08 Sampler.

[MMG] Stalley - Petrin Hill Peonies [Video]

Well I hope your St. Patty's was fun. Over the weekend underground turned exclusive producer and in-house producer for French Montana, Harry Fraud , released a tape of his recent placements of the year. On that compilation this particular track caught my attention. Loved the arrangement and Stalley's rugged, down to earth style fits well with the progression. Enjoy

Daft Punk - No End (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix) (download)

The is so much anticipation happening around the new Daft Punk album. The infamous song of which we heard 15 seconds of during SNL, has become known as the SNL or No End song (due to the many versions looping it over and over). One of my favorite acts - We Plants Are Happy Plants have remixed this 15 second (app. 4 bars of music) into a full track. It's light and airy, groovy and catchy ... and uplifting, like we know it should be.


BONUS: Cloud Atlas Theme Song (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)

We Plants Are Happy Plants - Lullaby


Hybrid Minds - Meant To Be

Josh White, Matt Lowe and Jeff Crake make up Hybrid Minds. The british trio have become liquid Drum N' Bass innovators in a little over 2 years. Meant To Be is a fresh throwback to the simple days of liquid with a dash of future throw in for good measure. Melodic and soulful is what you should expect on this one.



4:00 A.M. SPECIAL :: Birdy Nam Nam - Written in the Sand

Birdy Nam Nam
Written In the Sand

Birdy Nam Nam is a 4 man DJ crew from France. Birdy Nam Nam has won several prizes throughout their career including the DMC Technics 2002 World TEAM Championships. Birdy Nam Nam's goal is to use the turntable player as an actual musical instrument. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2006 on Uncivilized World Records, and in March of that year, they performed at the internationally-renowned music conference SXSW. The group's name is taken from a line in the 1968 Peter Sellers film The Party, directed by Blake Edwards.


BEST FOR LAST :: Strip Steve - Mega (Official Video)

Strip Steve

As any cool kid of the 90′s, Strip Steve grew up listening to californian punk, the passion more or less regular of skateboard, and the art of turntablism. Few scratches and a failure in a rap band after, he remembered how much Armand van Helden, Phoenix & Daft Punk’s videos he used to watch before “Yo MTV rap” started, torn unconsciously his sentimental life, and more his whole existence. He started mixing at 14 with his first turntables, and slowly made parties with his friends in his hometown Bordeaux that mixed every kind of music they found exciting, with always one purpose: that the people had fun very simply.


Isaiah Toothtaker + Rapewolf (prod. by Harry Fraud) - Burn It Down - DOWNLOAD

"Burn It Down" Isaiah Toothtaker + Rapewolf (prod. by Harry Fraud) from Isaiah Toothtaker on Vimeo.

Isaiah Toothtaker + Rapewolf, produced by Harry Fraud
Burn It Down
Directed by BAZ (Laurence Morais)
FREE DOWNLOAD: http://isaiahtoothtaker.bandcamp.com/album/rob-zombie


RELAX :: Gossip - Move in the Right Direction (Classixx Remix) DOWNLOAD

Move in the Right Direction (Classixx Remix)

Classixx did a remix for Gossip a few months ago for their song “Move In The Right Direction” and to our knowledge its not available anywhere. Sooo, we put it up for free download here. Boom.

SOMETHING DIFFERENT :: Isaiah Toothtaker - Midnight

"Midnight" from Isaiah Toothtaker on Vimeo.

Isaiah Toothtaker
Isaiah Toothtaker is a rapper from Tucson, Arizona. He is a co-founder of the indie hip hop collective Machina Muerte. History: His father was shot by police in a standoff in 2003 , Isaiah Toothtaker released Illuminati Thug Mafia on Machina Muerte in January 2011. The album includes the tracks such as "Get Housed Homeboy," "Intruder," and "Faith No More." He collaborated with Max B and The Hood Internet on Toothy Wavy. It was released on Mishka in May 2012. Rob Zombie, his collaborative EP with Rapewolf, was released in June 2012. It is entirely produced by Harry Fraud. He released Sea Punk Funk on Anticon in July 2012. It is entirely produced by Sixtoo. It features vocal contributions from Western Tink, ShowYouSuck, Antwon, and Murs. Dan Gibson of Tucson Weekly described the album as "dark and ominous stuff which might not be for everyone, but creative and weird in the best possible way."

Cherokee & Kartell - Atwater

Cherokee & Kartell

Cherokee are a French House duo that kick-started in 2011, invigorating with them the return of the legendary house movement of the late nineties. After a few singles, Cherokee’s distinct taste for perfection has been approved by all and recognized worldwide. One of the few DJs whos sound can be recognized in the very first beats of the track, Cherokee relentlessly thrive on creating a unique and powerful vibe.



Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove (Lookback Remix)

If there is one anthem that I could recall memorably from my rave days, it would be Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove. I still remember the first time I heard it at an afterhours party in Nashville. So I was pretty stoked to come across this Lookback remix which is just a killer killer track. Check out the source of the famous sample below -

BONUS: Cloud One - Disco Juice

NOTHING FAKE :: Nathan Fake - Nekatona

Like a locomotive steaming down the track ... Nekatona pushes forward with rhythm. The track is typical of what we've come to expect from Nathan and the Border Community label, which is not to say that its bad. Nathan Fake has defined a new style of minimal techno over the years, which I've really come to love.


TURN ME ON :: Russ Chimes - Turn Me Out

Russ Chimes has a pot of gold and he wants to share it with all of you. The Londoner wunderkind has just released Turn Me Out, a five and a half minute progressive throwback to the halcyon house days. This one is that good, expect to be hearing it wherever you go to move your body.

BONUS: Russ Chimes - Minimix (Annie Mac Radio 1)



Pogo - Zoo Zoo (Mighty Boosh Mashup)

Pogo watches movies, Pogo makes music ... Pogo watches movies and makes music with them (and TV and online videos too). He is a master of popular media sampling. The Australian, Christopher Nicholas Bertke aka Pogo has also been banned from entering the U.S. for 10 years due to a problem with his visa. He can tell you about it himself. If you are or know anyone good with immigration law, please help him out. It is a shame to not allow this much talent to be banned from anywhere.


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ONE TWO PUNCH :: ID Crysis - KO (download)

ID Crysis is back with a brand new track and it will literally beat your ass. KO is a dark trap tune with a wicked synth line. It includes a sample from the movie Friday, by Chris Tucker, who after his Rush Hour 3 movie was the highest paid actor in Hollywood. He currently owes $12 million in back taxes to Uncle Sam.


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friðsælum :: Múm - Green Grass Of Tunnel

Iceland has produced some of the most talented musicians of our generation. Along, with Bjork and Sigur Ros, we should include Múm. Múm released Green Grass of Tunnel as a single in 2002 on the Fat Cat label. The music video for Green Grass of Tunnel was created in computer graphics by Semiconductor's Joe Gerhardt and Ruth Jarman team and was inspired by the place in which the album was created. It follows the view of a flock, and presents a lighthouse, presumably very similar to the house in which they stayed.


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GLASS CANDY - "THE POSSESSED" from After Dark 2 upcoming EP (download)

Glass Candy is sort of a side project of Johnny Jewel, his most famous band being - The Chromatics. While the band's early work blends elements of No Wave and glam rock, their later work incorporates Italo disco.

They are known for evolving through the years since their original collaboration, and experimenting with various musical genres. They have released a number of albums since the early 2000s, their most recent being the compilation album Deep Gems (2008). The Possessed is from their upcoming EP - After Dark 2.

DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/johnnyjewel/glass-candy-the-possessed/download


Drew Id


I'VE GOT THE FUNK :: Edwin Birdsong - Rapper Dapper Snapper

Like gold, there is a finite amount of funk in the world. It can be passed from one person to the next, but not created. That's why it's a rare treat to hear something as funky as Rapper Dapper Snapper. Birdsong is a tribute to his era ... he's been sampled by Gangstarr and Daft Punk, and yet he'll only be 63 years young this year. Maybe, he'll surprise us with more of his funkiness before he leaves this plane.

BONUS: Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby

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An incredible song and an incredible of odd video, directed by Tim and Eric's own Eric Wareheim. Beach House have a knack for the absurd as seen in their earlier work. Wishes can stand alone on it's own without the video. I would describe it as a luscious trip to the top of a windswept hill in the spring or summertime.

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Pendulum, Zedd ft. Foxes, B.o.B, Rob Swire - Claritycraft (Isosine Mashup) (download)

I came across this song a few days back and I decided I would add it to my blog list when I got the chance. Well this morning I had a strange dream, the singer - Fox came up behind me and crashed some cymbals and told me to promote this song ... the music then started playing in my dream. So, I guess it's fate leading me to type this on this sunny friday morning, which is fine because this is one of the best mashes I've heard in a long time. Props to Isosine!


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[New Music] Drake - 5AM In Toronto [Stream x Download][YMCMBOVO]

Long time no post peeps..been a busy month for me..but anyway. Mr. Octobers Very Own leaks a new track today, "5am In Toronto." Already this year Drake has set the Hip-Hop world on fire with his single "Started From The Bottom" but this track here is much grittier and to the point..a good darker feel for Drake.  


VIRTUAL KING :: James Blake + Brian Eno - Digital Lion

How do you make a quiet song massive? You get the king of swoon and the innovator of ambient to collaborate. The result is Digital Lion - a 5 minute opus! This song starts off gently and then builds, but only slightly. Whether you are meditating or making love ... this one will do the trick.

Look for Blake's new album Overgrown to come out next month.

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As if it ever really left, the 80's sound is coming back in a big way. Artists like Kavinsky have made their careers on bringing back the 80's sound and vibe. Here are a few other noteworthy retro electronic artists who seem to be stuck in that same time loop.

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Makes ya think: Max Cooper

Max Cooper makes another appearance on Barrel~dEM. Here are a few noteworthy tracks:

Qualia - Max Cooper

Micron - Max Cooper

Harmonisch Serie - Max Cooper



Starfoxxx - Left the Club Tipsy

Chicago's most eccentric electronic group - Starfoxxx, have created a new footwork masterpiece. Left the Club Tipsy will leave you buzzed and reeling on the dance floor.

BONUS: Starfoxxx - Left The Club Tispy (Deejay Earl RMX)

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Deep house vibes by Tom Lustig

a couple deep house tracks I've been digging, via Tom Lustig:


Belanger - No. 1 Mixtape

Brooklyn's own Belanger has just put out another mix ... titled "No. 1", it's chock full of housey anthems and retro jams. Check back with us for a download link soon.

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RARE GROOVE :: American Gypsy - Inside Out

Since 1963, this funk group of American origin has performed under diverse names such as Blue Morning, Orpheus and Pasadena Ghetto Orchestra. American Gypsy began club performances in Los Angeles in 1971, followed by a two-year tour of Spain. When the group settled in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the early 70's, the line-up was: Joe Skeete (bass guitar), Michael Hamane (lead guitar), Lorenzo Mills (vocals), Richard James aka Ricardo James (drums), David Harrell (vocals, guitar, sax, flute) and Steve Clisby (vocals, keyboards). During their American period, individual members recorded sessions with many popular artists: Barry White, The Byrds, Young Rascals, Frank Zappa, Jefferson Airplane, Dr. John and Santana.

They continued live club performances throughout Europe and was one of the more popular r&b/rock acts on the club circuit during that time.

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IS IT A DREAM :: YUME - Admire

Sometimes, I contemplate whether I am really awake. I could be asleep and dreaming such a strange dream. The soundtrack to my dream would be an ethereal EDM and trap song. I would be flying around with no pants on and walking through walls. My friends from high school would re-appear and ask me to go on a quest. Out of nowhere my muse would appear. Then as I go to kiss my lover, I would wake up.

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Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

I took this word for word from a youtube comment ... I could never write a better description for this song -
"If a guitar were able to grow up in a troubled household, being abused by an alcoholic father, and grow up promising to be better, make the best of it's life, achieve success in his career and his love life, start a beautiful family and then, through a tragic accident of his own doing, lose it all, this is what it would sound like when it wept in agony."

According to legend, George Clinton, under the influence of LSD, told Eddie Hazel during the recording session to imagine he had been told his mother was dead, but then learned that it was not true. The result was the 10-minute guitar solo for which Hazel is most fondly remembered by many music critics and fans. Though several other musicians began the track playing, Clinton soon realized how powerful Hazel's solo was and faded them out so that the focus would be on Hazel's guitar. Critics have described the solo as "lengthy, mind-melting" and "an emotional apocalypse of sound."

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UNKLE - Unreal

Some music never goes bad ... it just ages like a fine wine. UNKLE - Unreal is one of those songs. When this album came out it was the only album that I listened to more than DJ Shadow's - Endtroducing and well DJ Shadow helped to produce a lot of these songs along with James Lavelle and others. One day we will be playing these for our grandchildren and saying "Now that was music!"

BONUS: UNKLE - What Are You To Me?

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Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel (Sonic Force Remix)

Ask and ye shall receive! I was hoping to find a great Depeche Mode remix and I came across this one by Sonic Force. There is a better video too that uses the Tron movie, but it wouldn't let me embed it. You can watch it here.

BONUS: Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth (Dominatrix Remix)

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mdnt - Dreamcatcher (feat. Jez Dior) (download)

A lot of music sounds the same. I'm not saying all, but a lot does. So it's refreshing to find a new tune that doesn't sound like everything else. Enter mdnt - Dreamcatcher which features hip hop emcee Jez Dior ... with a fresh new sound. "I'm too indie for rap, but I'm too rap for indie" sums up this one pretty nicely. The best of both worlds with none of the junk from either.

DOWNLOAD: https://www.facebook.com/itsmdnt/app_220150904689418

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CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME :: Capital Cities - Safe And Sound (Cash Cash Remix)

It's friday and I'm off for the next 48 hours. I'm ready to listen to some good music and get down on some video games. Let's begin with Capital Cities - Safe and Sound (Cash Cash Remix). New Jersey based Cash Cash is getting busy of late. Their single Michael Jackson, released in July 2012 is getting major airplay in The Netherlands.

BONUS: Cash Cash - Michael Jackson (The Beat Goes On)


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