Bonobo - North Borders [Full Album]

The bonobo, Pan paniscus, formerly called the pygmy chimpanzee and less often, the dwarf or gracile chimpanzee, is a great ape and one of the two species making up the genus Pan; the other is Pan troglodytes, or the common chimpanzee.

Simon Green, also known by his stage name Bonobo, is a British musician, producer and DJ. Green has recorded and performed solo DJ sets under the name Barakas, and together with Robert Luis from Tru Thoughts as Nairobi and Barakas.

North Borders is Bonobo's 6th LP. Released on Ninja Tune records 3 days ago on March 21, the LP includes collaborations with Eryka Badu, Szjerdene, Grey Reverend and Cornelia. It was due for release on 1st April 2013, but was released early in digital format after a promotional copy was leaked.

Bonobo uses a wide variety of samples in his music combined with heavy, often complex basslines. His music generally develops linearly - with new elements such as basslines or percussion coming in one after the other. In Days to Come, he mixes this sonic background with the clean yet distinctive vocals of Bajka, who often uses harmony to build up a multifaceted sound.
Whilst often touring solo, and performing DJ sets, in 2004 Bonobo opted to follow the growing trend amongst electronic acts of playing with a full band. The band plays live renditions of studio material, with a singer, keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, string section, electronics, and drummer. Simon Green mainly plays bass guitar, and leads the band from the middle.

(0:00) - First Fires (feat. Grey Reverend)
(4:38) - Emkay
(10:04) - Cirrus
(15:53) - Heaven for the Sinner (feat. Eryka Badu)
(20:03) - Sapphire
(24:51) - Jets (29:26) - Towers (feat. Szjerdene)
(33:03) - Don't Wait
(38:21) - Know You
(44:26) - Antenna
(47:58) - Ten Tigers
(52:02) - Transits (feat. Szjerdene)
(56:23) - Pieces (feat. Cornelia

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