SOMETHING DIFFERENT :: Isaiah Toothtaker - Midnight

"Midnight" from Isaiah Toothtaker on Vimeo.

Isaiah Toothtaker
Isaiah Toothtaker is a rapper from Tucson, Arizona. He is a co-founder of the indie hip hop collective Machina Muerte. History: His father was shot by police in a standoff in 2003 , Isaiah Toothtaker released Illuminati Thug Mafia on Machina Muerte in January 2011. The album includes the tracks such as "Get Housed Homeboy," "Intruder," and "Faith No More." He collaborated with Max B and The Hood Internet on Toothy Wavy. It was released on Mishka in May 2012. Rob Zombie, his collaborative EP with Rapewolf, was released in June 2012. It is entirely produced by Harry Fraud. He released Sea Punk Funk on Anticon in July 2012. It is entirely produced by Sixtoo. It features vocal contributions from Western Tink, ShowYouSuck, Antwon, and Murs. Dan Gibson of Tucson Weekly described the album as "dark and ominous stuff which might not be for everyone, but creative and weird in the best possible way."

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