GIFT OF THE MAGI :: URBAN SWAMP ART CART - Humpty dumpty - Spring 2013: Moments of Knowing

Sometimes, you just need to meditate and exclude the voices in your head and sometimes replace those voices with a positive influence, Music is a form of meditation. Urban Swamp Art Cart seeks to transform the world, one head at a time.

Here is their bio:
Urban Swamp Art Cart is a collective of magi warriors who align themselves with a universal transformation of the self. This multimedia smorgasbord of creativity is spearheaded by Josh Baigelman, a Chicagoan with a passion for freak folk hippy circus. We promote awareness and exploration of powers that are infinite in energy, that ceaselessly engages many beings in questioning the source of their existence.

Humpty dumpty- Spring 2013: Moments of Knowing by Urban Swamp Art Cart on Mixcloud

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