LOCAL FLAVOR :: Estrella Negra - Estrella Negra E.P.

One of my favorite places to eat in Chicago is a cozy little place in Logan Square called Estrella Negra. I was told about it by my good friend Sheyla, who was working there. Go in for brunch sometime and try the Goat Cheese Chilaquile - you'll be floored. The owner, Oto Michel is a super cool guy with a lot going on, including a band which is called ... of course - Estrella Negra. Give 'em and listen and if you have a chance, go see them live.

Here's their bio -
Estrella Negra is not a band... More like a deal two friends made to make music that no one has ever heard before. The result is a bilingual combination of modern Electronica and Latin rock that will set you on fire. With never a dull moment, Estrella Negra spends countless hours in their Chicago-based studio creating sounds and writing songs. In under six months they released the "Estrella Negra" e.p and are currently working on finishing up their first full length album. Estrella Negra has gained cross-cultural recognition for their live performances and unique style. Estrella Negra is equal parts front man Otoniel Michel jr, and producer/ musician Phil Beskid. Their unique mixture of electronics, guitar and vocals can be described in a single word, Badass!

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