World Party - Goodbye Jumbo (Full Album - playlist)

World Party
Karl Wallinger's band - World Party might be one of the greatest bands that you've never heard of from the 80's and 90's. Wallinger got his start as the musical director of London's West End version on The Rocky Horror Picture Show, before joining a funk band dubbed The Out and then The Waterboys.

Recorded at Wallinger's home in 1986, his debut album Private Revolution yielded two minor hits in the UK, "Private Revolution" and "Ship of Fools". "Ship Of Fools", however, did much better outside the UK — it reached no. 4 in Australia, no. 21 in New Zealand, and no. 27 in the US, in the process becoming the act's only major international hit.

Between World Party's first and second albums, Wallinger aided Sinéad O'Connor in recording her 1988 debut, The Lion and the Cobra. O'Connor, then an unknown, had appeared as a guest on World Party's first album. She would go on to appear as a guest on the second LP as well.

Goodbye Jumbo, World Party's second album, contained the minor UK hit singles "Way Down Now" and "Put the Message in the Box". Wallinger collaborated with fellow songwriter Guy Chambers on some of the tracks. Goodbye Jumbo was voted "album of the year" by Q magazine and was nominated for a Grammy Award for "best alternative music performance" in the US.

These guys are an incredible live show too. I have the chance to see them at the Rock Am Ring Festival in 1993 in Nurburgring Germany along with Faith No More, INXS, Leonard Cohen, Danzig, The Black Crowes and a ton of other acts.

1 Is It Too Late 4:25
2 Way Down Now 3:50
3 When the Rainbow Comes 5:00
4 Put the Message in the Box 4:17
5 Ain't Gonna Come Till I'm Ready 5:06
6 And I Fell Back Alone 3:56
7 Take It Up 4:38
8 God on My Side 4:16
9 Show Me to the Top 5:16
10 Love Street 4:21
11 Sweet Soul Dream 4:40
12 Thank You World 3:48

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