FEELGOOD :: Touch & Go - Gotta Have U (Original Mix)

Yesterday, I got to hang out and spin music with my boy Ajani. If you've heard of him, it's because I've mentioned him on here before. Back in the 90's we were discovering electronic music and going to raves for the first time together all over the midwest. Now, we've come full circle except this time, we were mixing on laptop controllers and iPads rather that turntables ... and yeah, we were rusty. But the vibe is still there and hopefully we can come together and produce some tracks of our own. Ajani played several superb track ... one of which was Gotta Have U by "Touch & Go". He also played me Startraxx - Stomp Master Flex, both of which came out on Mena Music's record label.

BONUS: Startraxx - Stomp Master Flex (clip)


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