Macklemore and Lewis - Can't Hold Us Down (The SoCal Kid Hands Up Remix)

About two years ago, I met a very special person girl named Sheyla. We met at a bar where I would later end up deejaying, but that first night we ended up playing cards, talking and having a great time. As we became closer, I learned that Sheyla had great taste in music. She told me that her favorite group was Macklemore and Lewis - a hip hop act from Seattle. Now, I'd never heard of Macklemore and Lewis, so I checked them out. I thought they were pretty good, nothing outstanding in my opinion but I could tell they had talent. Fast forward to today and those same guys have broken all kinds of records. Two songs have hit number one "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us", yet the group remain unsigned. In the meanwhile their album "The Heist" has reached number two on the billboard charts. So, yeah ... I'm not surprised that Sheyla would have known about these guys from the beginning. I guess she just has good taste like I do.

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