ORIGINAL EMO :: Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven

Sunny Day Real Estate was a Seattle band that was fairly instrumental in creating the emo genre. Their debut album in 1994, Diary was released on Sub-Pop Records and was heralded as a great album. However, shortly after releasing their second album LP2, the band broke up, with members Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith joining the Foo Fighters and Jeremy Enigk embarking on a solo career. In 1997, they regrouped long enough to record two more studio albums and a live album but ultimately disbanded once again in 2001.

The band has reunited once again in 2009. Bassist Nate Mendel, who chose to remain with the Foo Fighters during the previous reunion in 1997, is now taking part in this reunion. In a 2013 interview with MusicRadar, Mendel stated that Sunny Day Real Estate is currently inactive. According to Mendel, the band attempted to record a new full-length album after the end of their reunion tour, but the sessions "just fell apart".

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