RETRO FRIDAYS :: Sasha - Involver [Special Edition] CD1

The year was 2004, and world-reknown DJ Sasha was moving from his trance roots to a more minimal and progressive breaks sound. He released Involver on the Global Underground label. Tracks which Sasha admired by other artists were chosen for this album and have each been remixed to give Sasha's own interpretation of them. Sasha received a Grammy nomination for his remix of Felix da Housecat's "Watching Cars Go By", which was featured on Involver.

1. Grand National - Talk Among Yourselves
2. Shpongle - Dorset Perception
3. Petter - These Days
4. UNKLE - What Are You To Me?
5. Youngsters - Smile
6. Spooky - Belong
7. UNKLE - In a State
8. Lostep - Burma
9. Felix Da Housecat - Watching Cars Go By
10. Ulrich Schnauss - On My Own

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