James Murphy - Live at 12 Years of DFA Records (mix)

Yesterday was a really shitty day for me. While I was at work, I got called into HR and fired. They wouldn't tell me the reason, I can only assume it was for blogging on company time. So, I've been a little down of late and it's good to have inspiration. One person who does inspire me is James Murphy, the man with the eternal 9 o'clock shadow, the lead singer of the now defunct LCD Soundsystem and co-founder of DFA Records. You see, James had a lot of failures. He didn't really do anything with his life until he was in his late thirties, which is inspiring because I'll be hitting 40 this year. He's now 43.

I'm happy to see DFA turning 12 this year. To celebrate, Red Bull has captured a set of James spinning at Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn. Lot's of great disco goodness to be had here. Be sure to check out the interview below with him about his trials and tribulations.

BONUS: Interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem about how to deal with failure

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