FRIDAY REBOOT :: We Plants Are Happy Plants - Apollo 2012

We Plants are Happy Plants Apollo Barrel dEM

It's friday and time for a reboot of one of my favorite tunes - We Plants Are Happy Plants' Apollo. I absolutely love this one. I even use it as my ringtone. Hungarian, Peter Bergmann creates symphonic, cinematic and emotional pieces of musical art through his everyday inspirations.

In his own words - "my mission is to create music that makes it possible for joy, happiness and ultimately upliftment to flow through the listener and to (if even for short lived moments) take you (and me) above mind created constructs, so we can really feel alive and ALLOW what is happening in the present moment."

BONUS: Daft Punk - Touch (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)

DOUBLE BONUS: Hans Zimmer - Time (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)

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