OLD SCHOOL JUNGLE :: Lary Breaks - Succumb To Bliss (mix)

Lary Breaks Succumb To Bliss Barrel dEM

The 90's were my formative years in electronic music. I traveled to many parties in the mid-west and mid-south during that time and there were a few DJ's that really inspired me. Larry Cole a.k.a. DJ Lary Breaks was definitely the one DJ who created my love for Drum 'n Bass and Jungle. Lary played for BAM productions in Nashville and it was his performances and mixtapes that got me hooked. One mixtape in particular - Substrata, which is lost to the world ... I've even contacted him and he no longer has copies, was played so much in my car that I blew all my speakers and wore out the cassette.

Lary and others like him helped the scene to grow here and I will always be thankful.

No Boats

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