Surkin Boiler Room Paris DJ Set

Surkin Boiler Room Paris DJ Set Barrel dEM

French phenomena Surkin will eternally look like he's 16, but his style and technical skills tell a different story. Benoit Heitz, who is actually 28 launched the record label Marble along with Para One and Bobmo in 2011. He's also been releasing fast moving, hi-energy tracks that have gained the attention of M.I.A., Chromeo, Justice, Kavinsky and more.

In this special Boiler Room set, Surkin plays all the classics. He is known for setting the room on fire wherever he plays. Indeed, one of my best club memories was in Chicago at a Surkin and Para One show.

0.) Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814 (Interludes)
1.) Canblaster - I Think About U3
2.) Wildlife-Armageddon times (sam tiba remix)
3.) MikeQ-let it all out
4.) Lone - Airglow Fires
5.) Surkin - Tiger Rhythm (Boston Bun & Myd remix) acapella daft punk-revolution 909
6.) Id acapella Mr G Blessed
7.) Id
8.) Id
9.) Iamamiwhoami - Y (Brodinski Remix)
10.) Para one-compute mr oizo remix/Acapella lay it down claude von stroke
11.) Id
12.) Robert Hood-clash
13.) dj class - tear the club up
14.) Outlander-the vamp
15.) Bobmo-hotspot
16.) X-101-Sonic Destroyer
17.) Errorsmith-in a sweat (live version)
18.) Jackson and his computer band-vista (hudmo remix)
19.) Thomas Bangalter - Turbo

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