TERRY CREWS IS :: Major Lazer - Scare Me feat. Peaches & Timberlee

Major Lazer Scare Me feat. Peaches & Timberlee Barrel dEM

OK, now I have seen it all! In this latest Major Lazer video, where the Major is played by none other than Terry Crews, he is summoned by the Cinco Commander and teamed with Knife Fight to scour the city for General Rubbish. What follows is total, over-the-top cornball action sequences. It is entertaining, I'll give it that much, but can it really redeem this song?

Major Lazer has seemingly gone downhill after Diplo partner Switch left the group citing creative differences. Also, in case you missed it, once frontman Skerrit Bwoy has also left the group and "daggering" when he found God.

I had such high hopes for the group after the release of their track Get Free. Still, I have to say Terry Crews is the perfect Major Lazer.

No Boats

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