Halloween Barrel dem

It's that spooky time of year again. Time for tricks and treats and halloween remixes. So without further ado, I bring you some top notch halloween tunes for your party playlist.

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Skee-Lo - I Wish (Meaux Green Remix)

Skee-Lo - I Wish (Meaux Green Remix) Barrel dEM
 I Wish (Meaux Green Remix)

I wish ... oh I wish I could make a remix as tight as this. Meaux Green's I Wish remix takes up back to the nolstalgic 90's when Skee-Lo had a dream. Play this one out and you'll be sure to fill the dance floor.

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Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) Barrel dEM
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)

I'm pleased to be sharing this incredibly gorgeous remix from two incredibly talented guys from Skane, Sweden. Better than the original?!?! Maybe!

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Flex Cop - This Is Not Meth (download)

Flex Cop - This Is Not Meth Barrel dEM
This Is Not Meth
I have been notably absent from posting much lately and I apologize. I've been working a lot of hours at the new job, but hopefully I'll have some time over the next few days to post some scary halloween remixes. In the meantime, Flex Cop has created this infectious, feel good tune ... which is definitely NOT METH. Listen for the signature Walter White sample. This one is currently on heavy rotation on my own personal playlist.

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MAGIC :: Four Tet - Unicorn

Four Tet - Unicorn Barrel dEM

Four Tet makes music. Four Tet makes magic. Four Tet makes magic music ... and unicorns. It really works! Play this song and you'll have unicorns dancing around in your head all day. I guarantee it.

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RL Grime - Because of U (download)

RL Grime - Because of U Barrel dEM
Because of U

L.A. Producer RL Grime has produced a new single - Because of U. Coming with a new school vibe and an old school tip, the track is one of those tunes that won't quickly leave your brainal cavity.


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Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (The Golden Pony Remix)

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (The Golden Pony Remix) Barrel dEM
The Sound of Silence (The Golden Pony Remix)
I don't know about you, but I know ... lot's of times, if a song is going to be good just from the title, even if I've never heard of the group before. Take The Golden Pony for example - I may or may not have heard their remixes before - but as soon as I saw they were remixing 'The Sound of Silence' ... I said, aww yeah mutherfucker - let's see what we got here. I was not wrong, cause this remix kicks much ass! If you don't agree let's take it outside. What do ya say?

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Souls of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity (Phonatics Bootleg)

Souls of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity (Phonatics Bootleg)  Barrel dEM

So today, I'm talking to a coworker about music and he tells me that he likes old school West Coast hip hop. I had to ask of course, if he liked Souls of Mischief, and he said that he had heard of them, but never heard them. So I told him to definitely check them out. Now, I don't believe in coincidences - but 2 hours later, as I'm checking my email, I get a promo for this tune ... which may be one of the best remixes I've heard of this classic tune. I really love not-coincidences!

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Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (Kleerup Remix)

Robyn With Every Heartbeat Kleerup Remix Barrel dEM
Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (Kleerup Remix)

I've been paying a lot of GTA V lately and this orignal tune is one of the best they play on the "Pop" channel, but check out the Kleerup Remix. The guy is taking the best part of the song and putting it throughout the song - how could you not love it?

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Donna Summer - Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix)

Donna Summer Bad Girls Gigamesh Remix Barrel dEM
Donna Summer - Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix)

I have been noticeably away from the site lately due to the new job and all the hours I am working ... assured the transition is just temporary, this blog is and will always be my first love. So to the music - Gigamesh might be, in my opinion - one of the greatest remixers out there. His version of - Michael Jackson's Don't Stop Till You Get Enough is still one of my favorite remixes and is still one of the top songs on my phone. Apparently, I just missed Gigamesh up the road at an all weekend festival last weekend in Woodbury, TN - but I'll always have his remixes to carry me through.

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FRENCH EXPRESS PRESENTS :: Jonas Rathsman - Yes I Am

FRENCH EXPRESS PRESENTS :: Jonas Rathsman - Yes I Am Barrel dEM
Yes I Am

French Express member Jonas Rathsman has dropped a critical house track ... going deep like the Marianas Trench! For a guy from Sweden, his music always sounds so tropical.

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Breaking Bad Felina Closing Tune Badfinger Baby Blue Barrel dEM
Badfinger - Baby Blue
Oh boy, if you didn't see the finale of Breaking Bad ... I won't spoil it for you. I'll just say that Walt wasn't in love with his wife, but some girl named Baby Blue ... I'm serious ... and he doesn't die in the end (that we can see for sure). Oh fuck it - check out the awesome song by Badfinger -

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Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory ? (Full Album)

Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory ? Barrel dEM
What's The Story Morning Glory?
"How many special people change? How many lives are living strange? Where were you while we were getting high?

Well?!?!?! Where were you nigga? LOL ... Man, I posted about the Stone Roses a little while back and they were tops at what they did, but there's no doubt that Oasis came and picked up their momentum when they were dealing with manager and record company bullshit and Oasis ran with it. I don't necessarily want to compare the two bands, even though Liam Gallagher cites the Roses as a big influence - but Oasis really had something going when they dropped (What's The Story) Morning Glory ?.

Listening to it again on this Saturday morning, especially Hey Now! and Champagne Supernova, really make me feel nostalgic - and thats a great thing for music. It means that there was a time and a place that was special that's tied into your brain by the music you hear.

Hello - 0:00
Roll With It - 3:24
Wonderwall - 7:21
Don't Look Back In Anger - 11:41
Hey Now! - 16:30
Swamp Song (Excerpt 1) - 22:10
Some Might Say - 22:55
Cast No Shadow - 28:24
She's Electric - 33:16
Morning Glory - 36:58
Swamp Song (Excerpt 2) - 41:45
Champagne Supernova - 42:42

SICK TO THE MAX :: Bassnectar - Immersive Music Mixtape - Side Two (download)

Bassnectar Immersive Music Mixtape Barrel dEM
Bassnectar - Immersive Music Mixtape

Bassnectar has just created a helluva mixtape. This one's got everything including the kitchen sink. Make sure you also check out Side 1.

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