Thankful for What We've Got (Gangster Leans): William DeVaugh remixes

Oh damn, this groove was the perfect soundtrack for my drive back from a sunset beach trip last Friday. It's funky-as, pushes a positive attitude and gratitude and includes the lyric 'gangster lean' - I mean, c'mon! I texted three people to turn on and tune up their radios to PBS' "Smoke and Mirrors" show to join me in my personal party. Listen to this killer community supported radio station here.

The original William Devaugh track, "Be Thankful for What You've Got" (at the end of this post) is already funky as hell and DJ Day made the mix I heard last week.

Then I go to share it with you and in true SeriousStuff fashion, I find a bunch of other versions that rock my world and pop my hips just as hard. I simply refuse to choose.

And it turns out that Massive Attack's did a version too.. This guy must be getting some serious residual payments..

Oh and by the way, here's the original:


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