Drachenhaus - Owls Barrel-dEM
Drachenhaus - Owls

Owls by Drachenhaus is a spooky and hauntingly beautiful ode to the Twin Peaks inspired idea that the Owl is a spiritual entity ... with one foot in reality and the other in the spirit world.

Drachenhaus are James Vader and Angie Pfeffer, a Post-Industrial two-piece residing in Berlin. Both share duties on analogue synths, both bash away at drum machines, both whisper and moan their vocals. However Angie is known to dance and James is prone to fondling a guitar. When playing live, they like to add improvised sections to their songs, extending them, jamming and responding to the acoustic feedback from each other and the radiance of the audience. Their music could be described as Depeche Mode collaborating with Goblin to produce a soundtrack for the next John Carpenter movie.

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HAVE A BALL :: Interesting Ball (video short)

Interesting Ball Vimeo Barrel-dEM
Interesting Ball

WTF ... seriously, WTF?!?!? This might just be the weirdest 13 minutes on the internet. I really have nothing else to say - watch it!

Interesting Ball from DANIELS on Vimeo.

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EMOTION ON CANVAS :: Exclusive Interview With Artist Zac Franzoni

Artist Zac Franzoni Barrel-dEM
Artist Zac Franzoni
Chicago is a top notch city full of talented artists. One of those artists, Zac Franzoni uses his own technique and different mediums to create colorful explosions of passion. Zac took some time to talk to us today about his craft, technique and influences.

So, how did you get started making this incredible art?

Well, there are a few layers to this answer, actually. I've been making art since I was a kid. My uncle was an artist and I grew up living next to him, so I'd always go over and instantly be emerged in this surrealist world that was his basement studio. It started from there, it's in my genes.

And your family, they all support what you do?

Oh of course, my parents have always been amazingly supportive of my choices. Their house is full of my paintings.

The art I currently make is influenced by necessity, a few years ago I had to put down the paintbrush due to arthritis and tendonitis in my hands, I had to change my style. So the current incarnation of my art came about because i had to come up with a way to paint without manual manipulation.

So your current style - can you tell me a little bit about that - let's say if the canvas was blank, where do you start or is it different each time?

It's different each time. Sometimes I start with a dry, white canvas, sometimes I will paint a base coat to work with, and other times I'll cover it with water and go from there. It depends on my mood, or what effect I'm going for.

Would you call your style free-form or do you have a plan for each piece, or is it somewhere in between?

I'd say 3/4 free-form, I have actually coined the term "Abstract-Feelism". I do whatever I feel like doing at the time. It's all about the flow.

and speaking of the flow ... I once read somewhere that you often listen to The Rolling Stones, get into a trance and let the art practically make itself ... is that accurate?

Ha, yes! I'm all about the tunes, man. Music is a big part of my life, I'll throw on some Kid Cudi, some Stones and go to town. It is like a trance, an hour will go by and feel like 2 minutes. I'll come to, covered in paint with an empty beer and wonder where my mind just went. Sometimes I believe the paintings want to make themselves. That's another reason I love this organic style I have recently adopted so much, the paintings have a life of their own, I just provide the environment. The Renaissance sculptors believed the subject of their sculptures lived within the marble and their job was just to set them free, I believe that is true with a lot of art.

That's a great philosophy - it sounds like an awesome way to live. Have you ever gotten attached to a piece and had a hard time selling it?

Now Children, Let's Share
There are only 2 pieces I have ever been attached to and kept. One is from high school, the first time I really felt something click in my mind while making a piece of art. That piece won me 'Artist of the Month', and the prize was having it professionally framed for free. The second is a piece called "Now Children, Let's Share", it was made while I was in a community college art class. It's hanging in my hallway in my house right now. It embodied all the turmoil of first love, a shitty time in high school, and attempting to find myself artistically. It made me cry when I finished it, no shame in that, the only thing better than crying after making a great piece of art is burning it.

OK, so how do you go about selling your pieces in or around Chicago?

I go about selling my art by hustling, by not only selling my art but selling myself as a product. I'm not just selling a pretty painting to you that matches a couch ... I'm selling you a pretty painting that matches your couch painted by THIS guy right here, by a sometimes overly honest and open struggling artist, by a real person with fears and rent to pay, and mostly likely I've had a beer before talking to you because this type of shit makes me nervous.
But, to be more practical about that answer, I sell wherever I can! I display in coffee shops and galleries, I have been doing street and art festivals for 3 years now, and I have a manager who helps hook me up with shows and leasing out my art. It's a combined effort, it's not easy.

I've also seen you create art live, it's amazing to watch ... how often do you do live art?

I don't do live art as much as I used to. It began about 8 years ago when I started painting live at a weekly event at a gallery called Dulcenea in Wicker Park. Then on to painting monthly at local Burning Man parties. I had to slow down because of my previously mentioned struggled with my hands. I do however had a huge, huge project in the works at the moment. I am painting an 8 foot wide painting on stage, live, at the Joffrey Ballet with 8 dancers for a 12 minute piece. November 8th. It's for a charity called EMBARC, they help underprivileged youth on the southside of Chicago. It's definitely the biggest moment of my artistic career. I am also showing a new series of 9 pieces in their event space for the cocktail party after the performance.

Now you have many fans out there and they had some questions to ask as well, do you mind?

Woah ... fans? That's an odd sensation. Yes, bring it on!

What is hard that people don't understand about making art for a living?

People have this misconception that painting and making art isn't actual work. Well, I go to the lumber store, I buy wood and build canvases. I work late nights, I spend hours upon hours online filling out applications and updating the dozen websites I use to try to build my online presence. I wake up at 3 am with designs and ideas in my head and can't sleep. I spend way more than an average work week actually working, it's more than just physically draining, it's an emotional process as well. Also, you gotta learn to life like a poor college student again.

Do you sell a lot of reproductions? Where do you get those printed?

I only recently had prints done, and I've only sold a handful. I'm definitely more into selling originals. Texture is a big part of a painting. But my buddy Franklin has a print shop and does a bang-up job.

Dead In The Water

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

Wile E Coyote. I'm a hopeless romantic and love dynamite.

Hahaha ... well I hope you catch that pesky roadrunner!

If i did catch him, I'd just want to have a cocktail and play a game of chess.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I aim high, so I'd say either hiking on top of a mountain or a rich, wildly successful artist with a warehouse sized studio and a Warhol-like following.

Well, Id say that you are definitely on your way. Is there anything else you want to add?

I'd just like to say to all the youngins out there, if you're in art school or otherwise - never, ever titled your art "Untitled". It drives me insane, I will find you, I will hunt you down. I will make you take a shot of whiskey with me and title your art. That drives me nuts.

Also, thank you Noble, this has been fun.

Thank you so much Zac for your time!

Check out more of Zac's work at www.zacfranzoni.com/

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BOWIE KNIFE :: Radio Soulwax - DAVE

Radio Soulwax DAVE Barrel~dEM
Radio Soulwax - DAVE

The Brothers Dewaele are never a pair that won't go to the extreme to present their art in the way they want to see it presented. Case in point, DAVE, a mix / movie created by Radio Soulwax, with the visuals put together specially for the piece by film maker Wim Reygaert ... and Bowie is played by a woman. Here's what the brothers had to say about it -

"Our homage to the man whose ability to change whilst remaining himself has been a massive influence on us. There are many legends in the music industry but for us, there is no greater than the mighty Dave. We’ve included all things Bowie, whether that is original songs, covers, backing vocals, production work or reworks we made, to attempt to give you the full scope of the man’s genius.
For the visual side to this mix our friend Wim Reygaert (who also made the amazing film for Into The Vortex) came up with the most ambitious film for RSWX, taking us on a fever dream time travel through the man’s career starring the amazing Hannelore Knuts as Dave. We’ve got to extend a special thank you to the cast and crew and everyone involved for putting so much time and energy and heart and soul into this amazing film, it is a pure labour of love for the phenomenon that is Bowie."

Such a great homage to a great man!

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FKA Twigs:: Pendulum

FKA Twigs Barrel~dEM
FKA Twigs
Up and at'em, my housemate is ironing in the kitchen/laundry room, I'm working on my field notes (a week late). It's midday and I hear the tinny sounds of a shy iPhone personal party start to reach beyond the laundry. It's smooth, soft, classy. Guess this is why this guys irons.

It's FKA Twigs and you need to share this with me. C'mon, let's get smooth

Her videos are insane.


you remember 'pacify', yeah? (holymoly this video is kinda.... well... trigger warning)


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW :: Ori Kawa / The Entals

Ori Kawa

Ori Kawa is a DJ / Producer based in Chicago by way of California. He's been involved in the music scene as an artist for a few years and is now putting a group together to record and tour. The Entals are a group of rotating musicians under his artistic direction. They are crowd funding their costs on the IndieGoGo platform, with just 9 days left to reach their goal.

I had a chance to interview Ori, available here after the jump -

Let's go way back ... what are some songs or artists that drew you into the scene?

My older brother was a big influence in my early days in the bay area underground scene. He followed a lot of trance DJs. Mars & Mystre were favorites ... Dyloot, DJ Denise.

That was in San Jose, CA?

Yes, we had a really good local record store, Solid Grooves, that imported a lot of high quality techno/house that I didn't know at the time was from Chicago. When I branched out from my brother's tastes, I was listening to Donald Glaude and DJ Dan a lot, funky west coast house DJs.

Derrick Carter was the first Chicago DJ that I got really into. From there, I started to get into the roots of the culture and wanted to come here and study! Guys that got me into the scene here were Rees Urban, The Sound Republic, Bryan Jones. We could go further...one year for xmas, my little brother got a Talkboy. It had pitch adjustment...

So, you get to Chicago and start hitting Smartbar and eventually started working there ... yet, you were also booking for a club in San Jose from Chicago?

Yes, for a little while before I moved..maybe a few years..I was running the lounge for this place in SJ called Blowfish. Sushi joint, but was very clubby. I would book DJs, handle the equipment, etc.

Free sushi?

Yes. They treated me and the DJs well. For us local DJs, it was a solid paying gig, with a bar/food tab. Moving to Chicago gave me the connection to bring DJs from here over there.

I would work for sushi! 

So what are some of the highlights from your time at Smartbar?

Definitely working with Mr. Scruff and the Switch NYE stand out. Mr. Scruff is a vinyl junkie and brings all kinds of stuff, even 45s. He only plays the whole night, no time slots. He brings dance music from all eras and will start off the night with old jazz, authentic dub...all kinds of stuff. He makes it a journey from the beginning of the set to the end. My Blowfish days gave me a big appreciation for this, because there, we would play 3-4 hours. But during the beginning of our sets, people would still be eating dinner. So, you can't play bangers, you had to sculpt a mood to have the people dancing by the end of the night.

Mr. Scruff does all that and more. My experience was not just showtime...He brings his engineer, Ben, on all his gigs, and they do a proper sound check way before the show starts. During one of his sound checks, Ben was walking around SmartBar's dance floor. He went back and forth between all four of the Funktion One stacks and finally stopped at one, signaling Scruff to stop the music.

He said the phase was reversed. We had to open up the speaker, and sure enough, it was flipped. (The speaker had just come back from the shop)

A perfectionist?

You could say that. Just wants to set the scene right. As a DJ, you of course have to be able to go with the flow. But prepping goes a long way.

I've got to say Smartbar is my favorite club in Chicago, if not the world. They always bring the best artists, the dress code is casual, the staff is friendly. If you were the the owner and if you could change one thing about Smartbar, what would it be?

It's hard to say what could change with SmartBar...I guess if I was to change one thing about SmartBar, it would be the location! It's right by Wrigleyville and a bunch of sports bars.. but then again, I guess that's what gives it a "diamond in the rough" quality.


You've frequented there...I think I met you there actually! Would you change anything?

Maybe just the location, as you said but I'm not sure there's a better neighborhood.

So tell me about The Entals ... who are some of the musicians you are working with?

So I've got a bunch of music that I've written over the past five years or so. The Entals is the way to deliver this music. The only musician so far that I've worked with a lot before is my big brother Monte. He plays guitar. The others are friends that I've met working at restaurants here in Chicago, or other various industry connections. What I love about Chicago is that there is a lot of talent here, but it does not feel over-saturated. Most people that work at restaurants, or maybe just people in general, have some kind of creative outlet.

I agree.

To make a variety of tracks, sometimes it takes a variety of contributors.

So "The Cosmosis" is your first attempt at releasing music? And you are crowd-funding it?

I've released some music before, solo stuff. Nothing really sprouted though. So I decided I needed to improve my songwriting and performance skills. After a bit of musical solitude, I am ready to go at it again. But this time, I'd like to make it a group effort!

You also worked at Cajual Records. Are you looking for distribution through a label like that?

Yes, that was a great experience. Distribution has changed quite a bit, and it has become easier to release things independently with success. One of the great things about running the crowd-funding campaign is that I was able to get in contact with people who can help with that side of the business.

By the way, it's good talking to a fellow Mighty Boosh fan haha...

Haha yes

They're a bit too out there for some people, but that's what I like. They take risks.

I actually discovered the Boosh through a sample in a DJ mix.

That's dope! what sample was it?

I'm old GREG!!! I've got a MANGINA!

oh it was that one!! hahah yeah my favorite ... mmm Baileys!

So, I got a few questions from mutual friends - Do you have any secret awesome skills that nobody knows about? What are some of the craziest events you have ever performed at? In today's times, is it more about talent or followers?

Hahaha ok first one, skills ... i can gun sling like a western cowboy. I tried to make a music video one time, and the theme was cowboy mixed with postal worker. Don't quite know what I was thinking there, but I got a hold of a couple of authentic replica pistols and a holster belt from this cowboy shop on Chicago Ave.

That's awesome!

It's actually a good workout, the guns like those little 5 lb. dumbbells. Good aerobics.

Craziest event? DJing: probably closing for Mark Farina at Evil Olive. The crowd was already putty by the time I went on, I just rode the wave!

Non DJing: I played taiko drums in this group Ho Etsu taiko a while, and couple years back we drove to Lexington to play 6 shows in 2 days at a summer festival. The heat was intense and the stage was burning our feet through our footwear! It was an exhausting gig but rewarded with authentic bourbon in the heartland of it.

And third question, more about the talent or the followers? ... that's an interesting question. you won't get completely decisive answer from me on that! As I can only answer for myself, it changes at times. At times I have wondered why I have a small following, and it has pushed me to try and polish artistic abilities. A desire for that following can be very motivating. It has also pushed me to change hats in the industry, and figure out some of the logistical stuff that goes into building that following.

In the end, I know I must have a quality product that showcases the talent of my cohorts in The Entals. This is not the case with every act.

Our goal is to take this show on the road, so we can play music for the people and have fun and confidence doing it. So it's circular. And in the music business, sometimes you can get eaten up by the madness. Demands of fans can be harsh and lead artists to lose their own self. In this case, they must take sometime and focus on themselves. Use their talents to do what they and only they want to do. At other times in this business, we become a little TOO much about ourselves, and we have to remember to do it for the fans, for the followers.

All this is why it is important to us to have friends in the crowd. It is OUR crowd, we are YOUR band.

Without them, there would be no business.

Yup! no business, no energy, no participation

Anything else you want to add?

I had 2 rules for myself when I started DJing... 1. Have fun--if you don't enjoy it, how can you expect a room full of people to? 2. Make the people dance. That's it, only 2 rules. I still apply them to my performance, although rule 2 has become Move the people. Gotta plug my campaign of course.

Yes ... Please go and support these guys through this link and share with your friends - http://igg.me/at/orikawa

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FAVORITE MIX EVER :: Lary Breaks - Sub-Strata (Sub Side)

Lary Breaks - Sub Strata
Good things truly do come to those who wait. Back in the mid 90's, I picked up a Jungle mixtape - Lary Breaks - Sub Strata ... somewhere along my journeys in the mid-west rave scene. I played that tape so many times. I blew my speakers in my car. I made my fellow companions listen along the journey. Somewhere along the way, that tape met its demise.

Cut to many years later, I managed to get in touch with Lary via email. "Please send me another tape." I pleaded. "Sorry, but I don't have any more copies." A few years after that, I tried again. "I might be able to re-create the mix." he said. I waited. Then tonight, I'm mindlessly going through Facebook, then OMG - what's this?!?! Lary has uploaded your favorite mix to Soundcloud!!!

So, here I am listening ... reminiscing ... thinking about friends I've lost.

Starting at 25:00 is when this thing hits pure magic. I just wanted to point out. But, listen to the whole thing. It purely is old school jungle at it's finest. Thank you Lary! Thank you ... thank you ... thank you!!!!

In memory of Ajani "Burt" Ellis ... rest in peace my friend.

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Tycho :: Black Sunrise - Sunrise DJ Set at Burning Man 2014

Tycho Barrel~dEM Black Sunrise - Sunrise DJ Set at Burning Man 2014
Tycho - Black Sunrise

There was a lot of media coverage on Burning Man this year ... more than I have ever seen in years past. One story that got a lot of coverage was the Skrillex and Diplo set at Burning Heart and the rumor that they got booed off when Diplo dropped "Turn Down for What". Whether it was true or not, one other artist played an amazing set there - which was recorded for those of us unlucky enough not to attend.

Ghostly recording artist Tycho played a sunrise set for Disco Space Shuttle on Friday, August 29, 2014. Tycho included a pretty eclectic selection including some classics like the drum n' bass track Photek - Pharoah (a gem I had on vinyl once), which was played right before sunrise. I can only imagine how incredible it was to be there. The total result is pure magic!

Track Listing:
Slag Boom Van Loon - Poppy Seed (Boards Of Canada Remix)
Boards of Canada - Olson
Clark - Tooth Moves
Manitoba - Dundas, Ontario
Atoms For Peace - Dropped
Tycho - Dye
Photek - Pharoah
Ulrich Schnauss - In All The Wrong Places
Tycho - Awake
Bibio - À tout à l'heure
Airbird and Napoleon - In The Zone
Tycho - Awake (Com Truise Remix)
Psychemagik - Cosmic Forest
Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)
Leon Vynehall - Time
Leon Vynehall - Be Brave, Clench Fists
Fort Romeau - Jetée
Dauwd - Lydia
Mirror People - Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik Remix)
Mano Le Tough - Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix)
16 Bit Lolitas - Deep Space Girls (DAVI Remix)
Dauwd - Heat Division
Tycho - L
Lancaster – Beachy Thing
Panama - Destroyer
White Denim - A Place to Start
Washed Out - Amor Fati
Little Dragon - Little Man (Tycho Remix)
Moths - Heart
White Denim - Street Joy

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The Signal movie Barrel~dEM
The Signal

I've been mainly writing about music at Barrel~dEM, or movies related to music, but I feel compelled to write about another movie tonight. That movie is The Signal. This movie, directed, and co-written by relative novice William Eubank is not his first attempt at directing, but might be his most ambitious to date. Without giving too much away, the movie is not what it seems and the inclusion of Laurence Fishburne as government agent Damon, might be a clue.

The movie begins with Nic (Brenton Thwaites), his girlfriend - Haley (Olivia Cooke), and Jonah (Beau Knapp) are heading west to drop off Haley at her school. Nic has had an accident that has left him with not much ability to use his legs and he gets around with crutches. He and Jonah, who are hackers from MIT, have been tracing a signal from another hacker - NOMAD, who initially infiltrated their servers as well as others at MIT. NOMAD has been showing his skills by tracking and sharing the fact that he knows every move and even sends pictures along the way ... which makes Nic and Jonah determined to track him down. They detour their trip to head to a remote address, which they have traced via IP Address to investigate. While exploring an empty house, they hear Haley, who had remained in the car, screaming. When they go out to investigate, they look for Haley by flashlight finally seeing that it appears that she is lifted into the air. After a few seconds, the are also abducted as the screen goes white.

Nic awakens in some sort of medical facility dressed in a hospital gown. The facility is manned by men in full space suits. Nic is brought before Damon, who explains that he is there for quarantine and recovery after being abducted by an EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity). Nic is now in a wheelchair and after he finds Haley - he quickly makes plans to escape. After one attempt, he is locked in a room with Haley only to discover that his legs have been replaced with some sort of robotic technology. Now that he can walk, his second attempt to leave the facility is successful - it's almost if they don't want to stop him. Above ground, the two find themselves in a surreal desert setting. Could they be at Area 51? I don't want to reveal anymore for fear of giving away spoilers.

The film marks an ambitious effort, for the director, in an effort to raise the bar for a new standard of sci-fi movies. It had moments of some of the great iconic scenes from such movies as the classic anime - Akira to District 9. If you are a fan of the genre, check it out.

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CHET FAKER::Your seduction soundtrack

Chet Faker Your seduction soundtrack Barrel~dEM
Chet Faker

CHET FAKER is shoving Rhye and Sade out of the way for me and making music to thrill to over here.

Serving Suggestion: gluttony.

Serves: as much as you can handle.

Instructions: Put in on and in your headphones, text them and ask them over for dinner, go shopping for gorgeous food and get something silly while you're at it. Cook. Turn off the cooker. Open the door. Pick up the panties and eat the cold dinner in the morning.

He made us all want it, no doubt, with his EP, 'Thinking in Textures' a few years ago.

And now he's released an incredible full length album.The first single made saxophones the new hipster apt must have

And the follow up's video is too way hot to keep to myself...

Check out the full length album here.



Ok - I've been a bit absent. To make up for it, I'm taking you to Disneyland! And for your packing soundtrack, here's Flume's ridiculously sexy remix of the nothing's-hotter-than Chet Faker. Warning: it's a 4min30sec tease. Get a towel.


YUJEN (feat. CHET FAKER) - Try it Over

I wish I had this to listen to last night to still my hyper mind and let me sleep before 5 am. Better late than never, it got me out of bed just past noon to share it with you




Frank trailer + review barrel~d3M

Frank is a movie about music, about popularity and about a young man who was an outsider being recognized for his musical talents and asked to join a band of outsiders. He quickly learns that sometimes - the dysfunction that pushes people apart ... might also be the very thing they have in common.

Frank was written by journalist and filmmaker - Jon Ronson, who based the story in part on his real experience in a band. Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) happens upon members of the band "Soronprfbs" at the point they are losing their keyboard player. He mentions that he plays keyboard and is asked by the manager (Scott McNairy) if he can play certain chords. When the response is yes, he is asked to join them at that night's gig. He shows up to a bizarre scene onstage, as band members Clara (Maggie Gyllenhaal), Nana (Carla Azar), Baraque (François Civil) are playing to a nearly empty room. After a few seconds, the band's frontman Frank (Michael Fassbender) comes on stage wearing an oversized papier-mâché head which remains on indefinitely. The band plays improvisationally, for a few minutes then Clara, who is clearly the Alpha of the group lunges into a tyrade, knocking over her instruments and the show is over.

Jon doesn't hear back from the group for a few weeks before he is invited back by Frank to what he believes is another gig, but actually turns into a few months in a remote part of Ireland to record the band's newest album. During this time, Jon learns more about each member and develops in his own growth as a musician even though he is often denigrated by Clara, Nana and Baraque. Frank says that he sees potential in Jon's song writing. Jon also maintains a social media presence online through Twitter and Youtube of the oddities during the sessions. As they finally come together to record the perfect album - Jon is feeling like he might be an accepted member of the band. I'll leave you at this before the opening of Act 2. What plays out is not exactly what we are hoping for going in but what makes sense in the end.

The actors did an excellent job of portraying such avant-garde musicians and the music is genuinely good - in my opinion ... even if quite left-field. I was reminded of such acts as Daft Punk wearing their helmets and Dan Deacon with his sound and composition.

The film will make you smile and possibly inspire to create music or whatever medium your art form takes.

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Serfs - Marijuana Mom + Exclusive Interview

Serfs - Marijuana Mom, interview, barrel~dEM
Not long ago, I came across a band from Charlotte, NC on Youtube. It was the band Serfs and their video and single Marijuana Mom. I couldn't just watch the video once - it actually turned into at least a dozen rewinds the first time. The video itself - superfresh and full of color, nakedness and energy ... the song - a juggernaut of that same energy, an incessant guitar riff and lead singer Phil Pucci's raucous vocals make this one a winner.

I had to find out more about Serfs so I reached out to them and lined up an interview:

Who is in the band / who plays what / and how did you come together as a band?

 I'm Phil and I play guitar and sing. Nicholas Holman plays drums, Patrick Doherty plays bass and David Scanlon plays guitar. Nicholas has been travelling in Southeast Asia this year and Alex Ruiz has been filling in. He also plays drums in It Looks Sad and Couches. 

When I listen to your music, I hear influences from Foo Fighters to Sonic Youth to My Bloody Valentine; in my mind .... who are some bands that have inspired you? 

All four of us are definitely influenced by Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. We'd probably be quicker to cite Sonic Youth though. Sonic Youth are one of those classic bands that we all agree on. I love My Bloody Valentine to death but I feel like if I tell people we sound like them, we are pigeonholing ourselves and they will expect something very specific. And then they might see us and get upset that we're not shoegaze as fuck, riding our tremolos on every chord or whatever. Another band from the shoegaze genre that I think we identify with more are Swirlies.They have such great guitar tones and their sound is so expansive.

What is your definition of success as a band?

I think about it the same way I think about my own success as an individual in society. It's likely I'll never find financial success -- certainly not from playing music. There are bands on hot indie labels, selling out theaters and living well below the poverty line. So I'd prefer to think of success as being happy with what I'm doing. If I could make a living playing music, that would be good enough for me

How supportive is the local scene in Charlotte?

Charlotte is very supportive of us. We have a nice, growing music community. I've been playing in bands for twelve years but it wasn't until I started Serfs a few years ago that I felt like I was truly part of the scene. I have the honor of calling some of my favorite musicians my friends. My only gripe about the music scene is that I wish more people would start bands. I go to shows at least two or three times a week and I can't get enough of them.

You once played as an Interpol cover band - what other bands would you like to cover?  

We did that for an annual Halloween show at The Milestone here in town last year. This year I think we are going to cover Joy Division, which I guess is an obvious natural regression for us. We used to talk about covering bands a lot but this year we've been so focused on writing our first full-length that we haven't thought too much about it. I want to cover Blondie at a show sometime.

How has the music business changed since you started playing music? 

I started playing music in 2000 when I was 14. I think that was around the peak of Napster's popularity, before it was shut down and changed over to a legit subscription service. So when I was in high school, I bought CDs AND downloaded music illegally. Those are the pivotal years in a person's life, too, so I was soaking in music any way I could get it. It was fun. After high school, it was 2004 and downloading music illegally became so incredibly easy that I was just putting all my music on an iPod. I missed owning physical copies of music for so many reasons. And I kept hearing about a new record store in town called Lunchbox that sold mostly vinyl. So I got on a vinyl kick that never really ended. Nowadays I use Spotify to find new music and buy records that I really like. I'm 100% legit now, so get off my back, feds.

Let's talk about Marijuana Mom for a bit. I've watched the video at least 3 dozen times and I can't quite make out all the lyrics, which I actually like - but I imagine the song is about a hot milf who comes to the club with the best weed. The potency of the pot along with her hotness makes her the object of affection for everyone there - male and female ... or something along those lines. Am I close at all? 

Hahaha, that is pretty funny. I think I will tell people that whenever they ask about the song from now on. 

The video looks like it was a lot of fun to make. I'm guessing these are all friends of the band? And the ending reminds me of a skate video I saw once.

The video was very fun to make. We basically hung out and drank beer and had a good time. I heard our songs more times than I would have ever cared to. During most of the shots where we are dancing around or crowd surfing, we weren't listening to Marijuana Mom, we were listening to random rap songs. Three people in particular came together to make the video happen - Blake Raynor, who shot, directed and edited the video, Christine Rebich, who did a lot of fashion design for the shoot, and Nicholas Holman, our drummer, who rallied to get all our friends there to participate. I think the video captures the spirit of the song really well.

Anything else you want to add?

The only thing I can think to add is that we are currently crowd funding our debut LP via indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/serfs-make-an-album 

Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me and feature Serfs on your awesome site.


Here is some more great music from Serfs:


and be sure to follow them on Facebook:

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INCEPTION :: Hans Zimmer - Time remixes

Barrel~dEM, Hans Zimmer, Time and remixes, Inception
Hans Zimmer - Time & Remixes

Lately, I've been a little obsessed, with sleep, dreams, a movie, and a song. I have been hearing this song everywhere it seems too. In other movies, during a football game, and at work. The song is Hans Zimmer's Time. To truly put it into context, watch the last bit of the movie.

I made a CD for my sister's birthday with the best remixes of  Hans Zimmer's Time and I wanted to share with all of you.

Sometimes, the best version is the live version:

... and when you still can't get enough. I often fall asleep to this and have some wicked good lucid dreams:





DJ Shadow ... the classic samplist and producer / dj is back on the scene with the Liquid Amber EP ... a salvo to his newest LIQUID AMBER label. At the top, is Ghost Town - a haunted hyperactive electronic cut ... so raw it can only be Shadow. Next is Mob, a bouncy rhythm that is sample filled in that Shadow style. Finally, a remix of Six Days - Machinedrum style - large on the high hats.

IV0 I30At5

PERFECT TRANCE :: Nu Nrg - Connective

Nu-Nrg - Connective, Barrel~dEM
Nu-Nrg - Connective

Nu Nrg was the early 2000's perfect Trance duo, composed of Andrea Ribeca and Giuseppe Ottaviani - and discovered by Paul Van Dyke ... these guys made history with their label releases on Vandit Records. The music is timeless.

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STILL THE BEST :: Postal Service - Natural Anthem

Postal Service - Natural Anthem Barrel~dEM
Postal Service - Natural Anthem

I recently picked up the 10 year addition on Postal Service's Give Up, and having not bought a new CD in 4 years prior, I was quite happy. But, as a comemmorative addition, it was sorely lacking. The first CD was the same as the original, but the second had remixes from John Tejada, Matthew Dear and The Shins ... and it was absolute shite! The only tune that was the best and will ever stand the test of time is of course the most aggro and simple track in the Postal Service repertoire - Natural Anthem, the last song on disc 1. I had such great hopes for everything.

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BEATNUTS SCHOOL :: The Beatnuts - Street Level [Full Album]

The Beatnuts - Street Level - Barrel~dEM
The Beatnuts - Street Level

Back in the day when I was a young adult a into good-ass hip-hop, I got turned onto The Beatnuts ... not only were they jazzy / funky / cool but they seemed to be somewhat emulating A Tribe Called Quest's - Midnight Marauders at least with the 3rd track - Props Over Here that hit #39 on the U.S. Hot Rap Singles. I always considered them to be Tribe, mixed with Beasties, with a dash of Puerto Rican. I still get chills listening today. Sure it's misogynistic ... but it's a capture of pure 90's hip-hop and the beats still hit no harder.

A1 Intro 1:46
A2 Ya Don't Stop
Producer – Lucien 3:06
A3 Props Over Here
Keyboards – Lenny Underwood 4:00
A4 Hellraiser 3:10
A5 Are You Ready 3:14
A6 Superbad 3:56
A7 Straight Jacket 3:56
A8 Let Off A Couple 1:43
A9 Rik's Joint 4:01
B1 Fried Chicken 3:57
B2 Yeah You Get Props 3:29
B3 Get Funky 3:37
B4 Hit Me With That 3:36
B5 2-3 Break 3:17
B6 Lick The Pussy 4:18
B7 Sandwiches 1:43
B8 Psycho Dwarf 5:32

No Beatsnuts not


TWERK IT GIRL :: Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Dani Deahl Remix)

Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Dani Deahl Remix) Barrel~dEM

Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Dani Deahl Remix)

Probably my all time favorite female DJ / Artist - Dani Deahl has blown the lid off Armin van Buuren's Ping Pong track. With much praise, not only all over the blogosphere, but also reaching #32 (at the moment) on Hypem's Popular track list and #17 on Beatport's top 100 Hip-Hop (cause they haven't separated out Trap music yet), it seems Dani has hit gold with this one. Of course, she has to have her haters too. At least, one trance purist on twitter said in no uncertain terms - how dare she defile the trance God Armin by creating a trap remix ... to which she replied - it's all about sharing the music to those who might not listen to trance.

Regardless of your BPM persuasion, check out Dani's latest remix ... I think you'll enjoy it.

BONUS: Justice - We Are Your Friends (Dani Deahl Purrrnt Up Remix)

Noble "Twerk" Johnson

Modern Day Guru :: Matthew Silver

Matthew Silver Street Artist barrel~dEM
Matthew Silver

I can't stop watching it. There has been a video making the rounds on facebook of a crazy long-haired, long-bearded guy ... who must clearly be a crazy guy on drugs answering questions about life, advice to younger generations and passion. Why wouldn't he be on drugs? He's clearly making sense and making farting noises with his mouth ... but I doubt it's the drugs talking. NYC Street Performer Matthew Silver is hardly crazy, in fact, rather than spending much of his time in a job he hates, he get's paid to do what he loves - which is to perform. He also records weddings on the side for extra money ... but that's hardly work either, right? Just knowing that Matt loves me, makes life better.

For more info on Matt, just search youtube for Matthew Silver and you can hear his story, see more performances and get to know him a little better.


CRANKKED :: Nadus - Nxwxrk (RL Grime Edit)

Nadus - Nxwxrk (RL Grime Edit) Barrel~dEM

Nadus - Nxwxrk (RL Grime Edit)

I apologize. I've been busy with life and neglecting this site for too long. It won't ever seem to die. I keep noticing new people liking our facebook page, so that has to mean something, right? I do wish I had a dedicated staff to manage this site and maybe someday I will, until then it's just me and a few music-lovers who remember that they have this site that they can contribute to.

Today, I want to share another remix from one of my favorite artists - R.L. Grime. You see, I have a weakness for Jamaican samples ("put your back in it...") and just great build-up tunes in general. So enjoy R.L.'s rework of Nadus - Nxwxrk.

Nx Bxats!


RAPTURE :: Deafheaven - Sunbather [FULL ALBUM] (2013)

Barrel~dEM Deafheaven Sunbather
Deafheaven - Sunbather

As I get older, my musical tastes seem to be changing. I've always easily grown bored quickly of popular music and now it seems that electronic music - the music that I loved from the early 90's until now is what is popular ... at least in some form.

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TIME IS NIGH REMIND 20 YEARS - De La Soul = Stakes is High (FULL ALBUM)

Here we go .... check out ... back in the day or whatever. It's the orginalistastic moombastic Stakes is high from De La Soul. For those who know, check it. For those who don't .... have a listen.

featuring Common

0:00 Intro
2:36 Supa Emcees
6:15 The Bizness Featuring Common
11:58 Wonce Again Long Island
15:37 Dinninit
19:58 Brakes
24:05 Dog Eat Dog
27:45 Baby Baby Baby Baby Ooh Baby
29:52 Long Island Degrees
33:19 Betta Listen
37:47 Itzsoweezee (HOT)
42:35 4 More
46:54 Big Brother Beat
50:37 Down Syndrome
53:42 Pony Ride
59:09 Stakes Is High
1:04:39 Sunshine


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Let Her Go-remixed by DJ Grace

On the way to the train station, I passed a high fence with lush leaves and a beautiful bass sound reaching over it. I'm thinking of letting Melbourne go...



PURE PLEEAASSUURREE :: Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus [FULL ALBUM - 2013]

Fuck Buttons Slow Focus Barrel~dEM
Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus

On their third album - Slow Focus, Bristol band Fuck Buttons have really perfected the art of an epic album ... and how could you not create epic-ness with a band name like that. Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power started the group in 2004 after meeting in school. Influenced by Aphex Twin and Mogwai, their first project was creating a soundtrack for a movie by Hung.

Once they started playing live, the created a cult following and were signed in 2007 to All Tomorrows Parties affiliated ATP Records.

Fuck Buttons will definitely take you on a journey. Their music is genre shattering and their achievement is monumental.

1. "Brainfreeze" 0:00
2. "Year of the Dog" 8:33
3. "The Red Wing" 13:12
4. "Sentients" 21:00
5. "Prince's Prize" 27:25
6. "Stalker" 31:47
7. "Hidden XS" 41:56

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George Maple (like the syrup): FIXED

I went to get a dirty chai and banana bread. I ended up with this super sweet treat too.
mmm... maple...



SACRAMENT :: The Church - Starfish (Full Album)

The Church - Starfish Barrel dEM
The Church - Starfish
I recently posted about the sounds of my high school years. That list would not be complete without mentioning this album, The Church - Starfish. Voted by me as one of the sexiest albums of all time. If you can't get laid to this, then you might as well give up all your possessions and become a eunuch.

The Church moved to L.A. to record this album and they hated L.A. Why? Because it wasn't Sydney.  They went to get the polished production sounds that came about from working with Robert "Waddy" Wachtel and Greg Ladanyi. Lead singer Steve Kilbey said:

"The Church came to L.A. and really reacted against the place because none of us liked it. I hated where I was living. I hated driving this horrible little red car around on the wrong side of the road. I hate that there's no one walking on the streets and I missed my home. All the billboards, conversations I'd overhear, TV shows, everything that was happening to us was going into the music".

That unease translated well into their album and Starfish became a breakthrough album. 20+ years later, it still sounds golden.

"Destination" (00:00)
"Under the Milky Way" (5:53)
"Blood Money" (10:51)
"Lost" (15:16)
"North, South, East And West" (20:06)
"Spark" (24:56)
"Reptile" (32:31)
"A New Season"(37:39)
"Hotel Womb" (40:26)
"Texas Moon" (46:09)
"Perfect Child" (51:54)
"We both know why you are here"(54:48)
"Frozen And Distant"(57:09)
"Anna Miranda" (1:01:08)
"Nose Dive"(1:04:12)
"Under the Milky Way" (acoustic)(1:11:50)
"Antenna" (acoustic)(1:15:59)
"Spark" (acoustic)(1:19:46)
"Warm Spell"(1:23:14)

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We Are You In the Future - Martyn

The proficient techno producer from Amsterdam was in town (SF) this past weekend and played a killer set at the high-ceilinged, new-speaker-system-pounding club Mighty. Martyn did an excellent job of course, playing a handful of jams I was familiar with prior to seeing him live in addition to a ton of wicked new productions! There was also some live performance-improvisational-type business going on as well... :D

In honor of the excellent set he played, and the quality music he puts out, I wanted to post my favorite track of his- We Are You In the Future:

It's an epic techno journey that jams right when it should! Takes you places, but keeps it movin'.

I recently came across a remix of the track by Redshape that's really nice, a much chiller take on Martyn's futurist journey:

Redshape is a character! His identity is unknown to the public and he goes around wearing a red mask to keep it that way.


GHETTO DIVISION'S OWN :: Charlie Glitch - LXXXVII (1987) E.P

Barrel dem Charlie Glitch - LXXXVII (1987) E.P
Charlie Glitch - LXXXVII (1987) E.P

Charlie Glitch a.k.a. Carlos Rodriguez is the godfather of Chicago ghetto house music (above he's posing with the mayor) or maybe I should say house music from the ghetto a.k.a. South Side ... at least for the new generation. I know many will say, what about DJ Funk, Houz'Mon, DJ Slugo ... but you have to remember that house music in Chicago evolves faster than a cane toad in heat. Anyway, Charlie has a new E.P. - LXXXVII (1987), which I just recently realized was that was Charlie's birth year ... damn I'm old!

So to the E.P. - it starts of with Alien Sex ... which is pretty sexy, if you are into aliens but definitely upbeat and sexy and puts you on edge at the same time. Next is Drop It - which starts of chill and un-expecting and then builds, going through some nice piano along the way to a build upon another build until the drop where you get to an amalgamation of synths, kick drums and rhythm. El Beeper is the next selection - immediately you are in slowed up merengue sounds of Oro Solido's Huye, Se Encenio El Beeper with some samples and rework. Jazzy Rave Days is an excellent rework of Stacy Kidd & Mike Dixon's Downtown Mix - and easily my favorite on the E.P. Finally, Kicks and Stix is a percussion based tribute to the early rave days of strictly percussion based rhythm.

Here's some footage from Charlie's release party at Chicago's famous Dolphin club:

Check out more at Ghetto Division and Charlie Glitch.

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Summer of '90 3 Falls
Summer of '90 - 3 Falls
Recently on an unusually warm day, I took a drive to some of my old hangout spot from my "salad years" while listening to retro music and waxing nostalgiac. The pic taken above was a particularly memorable spot called "Three Falls", now closed off as you can see. The spot consisted of three waterfalls, the uppermost draining into a very small pool which you could jump into if you did it just right. I t could not have been more than 10' by 10' and 15' deep ... so it was pretty tricky. We would camp and drink and hang out by the fire, usually listening to something like this:

The Charlatans U.K. have such a unique sound, even to this day. It is definitely the organ. We would crank the entire 'Some Friendly' album. If it wasn't that, it was:

Yes, the original punk hipsters.

Often, I long for those nostalgic days ... mainly, I miss my friends. While they are still around, we don't share the same connection. Maybe I should plan a nostalgic day where we get together, cruise around, listen to old music and drink some beers. Of course, the difference being a sober driver this time because life is different now. Who's down?

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Starlite - Asa

An incredible sonic journey by a producer named Asa, from Bristol Britain. Found out about this guy from collaborations he does with another favorite artist of mine-- Sorrow. Asa has tracks out with Inspected & OWSLA.

This track alone blew my mind, but really, everything I've heard by this guy so far has been both unique and on some transcendental-level type shit! Check it out, seriously.

Here's a link to the EP the above track is from, which I'd also highly recommend! Literally had to post this, couldn't forgive myself I didn't put this out there for others to hear.


No Boats TOP TUNES of the MOMENT

No Boats TOP TUNES of the MOMENT barrel dEM
No Boats TOP TUNES of the MOMENT

What's up party people?!?!? Let me break it down for ya, in no particular order ... first you have this -

and this

which leads to this

yes, I love Jokers of the Scene, but that's not all

warm warm vibes

absolutely love this tune ... the sample at the beginning is icing on an ice cream cake - bonus points if you know the movie

woah like woah ... the official video is better, but THE MAN won't let me embed it here, so just watch this one or click the link, just promise to come back ... ok?!?!

straight gangsta!!!! can't get anymore trill than this

WTF is juice

play the next two together and your brain will explode (but in a good way)

OK, I know that was hard but we are almost there ... think puppies and butterflies

there we go ... gently landing ... oh wait

16 years later and I still love that tune. I still love to rock out too

or just chill

You've made it to the end of the post ... what did you win?!?! Why this hilarious script of me fucking with some internet cam ho who was trying to talk to me via Google+ (aren't we getting desperate now?!?!) all while I was putting this together ... enjoy!

Isabel: Hey was up!
me: really?!?!
do I know you?
Isabel: Yay someone to talk to :-) !! how are u?
me: are you that lonely?
Isabel: I'm great thanks for chattin with me I found your name in the google plus members search :) whatcha up to?
Sent at 1:22 PM on Saturday
me: is your cleavage really your best asset?
Isabel: I would ask to exchange pics, but I think i'd rather see each other, u can see the real thing on my cam... u want to?
me: the real what?
Isabel: Click http://CamFunNow.com it's a more secure place with my cam u will have to verify your age so I'm not showing my pussy to a minor ;), i had to do it too but dont worry its 100% FREE and its alot of fun once u get in ;)
me: whatever floats your boat ... I ain't getting in
Isabel: u can just watch me if u want, or we can both get on ;-) make sure sign up, then it should connect you to my cam
Sent at 1:30 PM on Saturday
me: what if I'm gay
Isabel: ok, fill out your info,first and last name, make sure you put your correct b-day k? I got something really sexy on for u lol ur gunna like this :-)
Sent at 1:33 PM on Saturday
me: actually I think I like horses ... are you a horse
with cleavage?
Isabel: Credit card, debit card, or atm is just to verify your age hun, your card will NOT be charged just validated see where it says that? like i said it's FREE... cant show tits and pussy to minors..you know? ;)
me: lil boys can't ride the pony?
Isabel: I'm inside waiting for you. can u see me yet??
me: I see words
Isabel: k
me: horsey?
Sent at 1:36 PM on Saturday

Apparently, Isabel doesn't like horses...


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feel like spacing out? try these on for size :)

Ouranos.Uranus DJ Mix

Ouranos.uranus [1.19.14] by Ansible.(Futurist) on Mixcloud

Polaris.Polaris DJ Mix

Polaris DJ Mix [1.18.14] by Ansible.(Futurist) on Mixcloud

these two mixes are numbers 7 and 8 in a series of 12 celestiomythological dj mixes from ansible.(futurist). you can check out more of here. productions:


John Grant (feat. Midlake) - I Wanna Go To Marz

John Grant (feat. Midlake) - I Wanna Go To Marz Barrel dEM
John Grant - I Wanna Go To Marz
Have you ever wanted to be somewhere else? John Grant's ballad I Wanna Go To Marz, captures this sentimentality perfectly. Most of John's career, from his time with Denver's The Czars until his first solo album in 2010, has been about bringing his deeply personal feelings into his lyrics. On his first album - Queen of Denmark, from which I Wanna Go To Marz was released, John wrote about his addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as coming to terms with being gay. John resides in Iceland, where he recently released his second solo album - Pale Green Ghosts.

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NONONO - Pumpin Blood (The Chainsmokers Remix) (download)

NONONO - Pumpin Blood (The Chainsmokers Remix) Barrel dEM
NONONO - Pumpin Blood (The Chainsmokers Remix)
Those chainsmoking youngsters from NYC have made another smash hit with their remix of NONONO's Pumpin Blood. Seemingly out of nowhere, the duo have made a name for themselves by remixes one hot track after another. Now they are about to drop their first original on DIM MAK records.


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The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Take it from the Man! (Full Album)

What can I say about The Brian Jonestown Massacre? They just might be one of the greatest unknown bands of all time. That may be because of lead singer Anton Newcombe's tumultuous relationship with the band, the music industry, drugs and his own demons. Despite the problems, they have managed to release quite a repertoire of albums (mostly self released) and are the subject of the incredible documentary Dig! If I've managed just one more convert, then I've done my job.

Dig! from Retazovvorks on Vimeo.

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